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February 17, 1997


Media Play a hit with more of everything

Tattoo Staff Writer

  Maybe you've heard the catchy jingle that
seems to be played during every commercial break
recently. You know the one, the Media Play theme
song of sorts, “More Choice, Less Price, Every
Day.”  It seems to be what everyone is humming
now-a-days. Well, I was sick of humming it, so I
decided to go and check it out for myself.
  The first thing I noticed as I made my way
through the doors of the Manchester Media Play ­
just one of over 80 stores nationwide ­ were the
bright colors plastered throughout the store.
They really caught my attention.
  They weren’t  too dull but you didn't need
sunglasses to look at it either. As Goldilocks
would say, it was just right. I made a beeline
for the corner where there were over 60,000 CDs
at my disposal.
  Almost immediately I was greeted by a smiling
employee who seemed almost honored to help me
find what I wanted. I told him I was just
looking so he grinned and said he would be
around the corner if I needed anything. Later,
when I did, he helped me find it on the
  The computer is another great thing about
Media Play. They have a music directory computer
that enables even the computer disabled like me
to find anything they want whether it's by song
title, album title or artist. I can barely work
a typewriter but this thing really helped me
  When I was done fooling with the computer, I
headed over to the books. I was met with shelf
upon shelf upon shelf stacked with more than
100,000 books. That's less than Borders but at a
better price, and even if they have to order it
for you ­ which they will gladly do ­ you still
get a better price! All of their books, in-stock
or special order are 35% off every day. So, if
you ask me, Media Play is the much better deal.  
  As I made my way to the movie section, I
walked through the small-but-growing computer
software area. They had an okay selection,
nothing too big, but when I talked to Tom Erb,
the promotions manager, he said they were
learning more and more about the software
industry and hoped to be more competitive soon.
  Once I passed through there, I was suddenly
surrounded by movies ­ more than 20,000 of them.
They had any kind of movie you could hope for.
Action-packed adventures, thrilling thrillers,
classical classics, even entertaining movies for
younger viewers. You can find a movie there to
satisfy anyone, and that’s not easy.
  Throughout the store in any section, Media
Play also has a variety of hats, T-shirts,
stickers, calendars and other supplies one might
expect to find in any other music store, but
they have these things for other areas as well.
  There are Goosebumps T-shirts for little kids,
Nirvana memorabilia for those alternative fans,
and even puzzles for those who like to be
challenged. To happily accommodate the Media
Play consumers, there is a small coffee shop
situated right into a corner in the store. So,
after ­ or even during your shopping experience
­ you can enjoy a juice or a coffee, and a
cookie or a bagel, for not that much dough.
  Media Play holds plenty of events in the store
including book signings, live music and special
children's programs. Because Media Play is a
community-oriented store, according to Erb, it
should have community-oriented programs.
  So, an hour and a half after I entered Media
Play, I left a very happy customer. I got what I
wanted, at a price I liked, and it wasn't a pain
in the neck. I'm glad there is finally a store
where I really have more choice, less price,
every day.
  Besides the store in Manchester, Media Play is
also located in Enfield and Newington.
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