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The Tattoo

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October 12, 1998

--- Two Movie Reviews ---


The Tattoo

Wesley Snipes hits the big screen as Blade, the
day-walking vampire half-breed who is out to
avenge the vampire who killed his mother. In the
movie, Snipes roams the cities of the world,
mainly a New York-esque metropolis, sniffing out
vampire hot spots, and destroying his fair share
of vampire cronies.

Along the way Blade exposes the whole evil chain
of vampire command that has bought out the
police and is moving to a city near you. EEk!
More frightening than that is Reverend Frost,
Stephen Dorff, a young revolutionary who wants
vampires to take over the world by awakening the
long dormant blood god. After all, vampires are
at the top of the food chain.

But there's no way Blade and his twohuman side
kicks are giving up that easy.

With enough severed body parts to fill up a
morgue, this film is rated gory, but good. It
has tons of action packed fight scenes, a
plethora of life threatoning weapons, and a
little bit of the sci-fi element woven in.

Blade is a perfect pick for action and horror
lovers alike. Hematophobics need not apply.

"Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss"

The Tattoo

Let's start by saying that I'm not an
independent film guy. This established, you'll
understand why I had to spend the first five
minutes wondering what I was doing in the
audience of a movie I'd never heard of, by an
unknown director, with no big names and a
shoestring budget. It also occurred to me that I
was probably the only straight male at a
homosexual romantic comedy.

Twenty minutes into the movie I'd abandoned all
reservations. Tommy O'Haver directs what I'd say
was one of a handful romantic comedies of the
last decade that I could stomach. The genre has
grown as bloated by uninspired plots with big
name players as "independent" film has stale in
the warm glow of admiration from the coffee
house crowd.
Billy Collier, a struggling gay photographer, is
bored with Hollywood. His work is "too artsy,"
his sex life's a mess and he's not sure where
his next latte's coming from. That is, until he
meets Gabrielle, the striking Brad Pitt clone
waiting tables at the local coffee house.
Billy's not only smitten, but uses Gabe as a
model, finding instant success. Billy's head
over heels, but is Gabrielle gay? I'm not
telling. Suffice to say this is a humorous look
at relationships, straight or gay, platonic or
romantic. Finally, something worth your $7.50.