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The Tattoo

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Sept. 21, 1998

Tattoo looking for new talent

By Amanda Lehmert and Courtney Pendleton
The Tattoo

Have you ever wanted to meet exciting figures
like Nancy Johnson, Frank Nicastro, Ann Clark
and Boomer the Clown?

Would you like to let the whole city know that
your algebra teacher has the mental capacity of
a piece of chalk?

Did you ever wish you could fly over Bristol in
a hot air balloon, come close enough to Bill
Clinton to have an affair with the president, or
win a standing ovation from a room full of
respectable journalists?

If you have found yourself having such
interesting daydreams, then The Tattoo is for

The Tattoo is a group of teenagers from each of
the city's three high schools, and points
beyond, who have a passion for writing or an
interest in journalism. The students meet at 6
p.m. every Wednesday to share ideas or work on
stories with the help of group leaders, and
veteran Bristol Press reporters Jackie Majerus
and Steve Collins

To join us, all you have to do is be a teenager
who hasn't yet graduated who is willing to put
in a little time and effort -- and a readiness
to turn your daydreams into a reality.

So forget the silly name, and join us.

For information about the group, e-mail The
Tattoo at Majerus-Collins@bigfoot.com or call
Majerus or Collins at 523-9632.

Check out The Tattoo's web page at: