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July 14, 1997

Fries, fudge, ice cream to savor

Tattoo Staff Writer

Like any amusement park, Lake Compounce has all
of the standard eats.

You have your pizza, which is quite
tomato-tasting, your french fries -- plain or
with cheese, but stay away from the spices --
and of course, Icees.
If you would rather stray from traditional
snacks like nachos, hot dogs and fried dough,
try something futuristic.

Dippin' Dots, "the ice cream of the future," is
available at various booths dispersed through
the park.

These tasty little morsels aren't really like
ice cream. They are little dots the size of mini
M&Ms that come in flavors such as vanilla,
strawberry and chocolate mint.

If you aren't an ice cream fan -- modern or
futuristic -- satisfy your sweet tooth with some
fudge from Lake Compounce Fudge & Sweets.
They have every kind of fudge you could ever
imagine.  Vanilla, peanut butter, cookies and
creme -- try them all.  Just not at the same
This fudge is so rich and creamy, a quarter
pound is more than enough for one person.  Plus,
at $7.99 per pound, it isn't cheap.  
If you don't feel like sitting outside or having
another fast food meal, Lake Compounce has two
sit-down restaurants that offer good food at
very nice prices.  Neither restaurant allows

At one end of the park is the Rock `n Roll
Diner, a pink and blue restaurant with old 7"
records and pictures of 50's icons James Dean
and Elvis scattered on the walls.

There is even a jukebox filled with music from
bands like the Beatles and Beach Boys.

In the diner you order from a menu of
sandwiches, chips, soda and cookies before you
sit down.

On the other side of the park is the Crocodile
Caf‚, a theme restaurant where you are seated
and served by someone.  To eat here you have to
be hungry because the portions are large, but
they are priced nicely.
Because it is a theme restaurant, you can't just
say "I'll have a hot dog or a hamburger and a

You have to order a Pirate Dog or a Ferris Wheel
Burger and a Crocodile Tail.  Though the names
are cute, I felt really stupid saying "I'll have
the Boomerang Chicken please."
One problem with the sit-down restaurants is
their lack of vegetarian choices. Salads aren't

But on the whole the food is quite good for an
amusement park.

The prices aren't bad for individual items, but
as you eat your way through the day they can
quickly add up.  

To reach Lake Compounce's home page, click here