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April 23, 1994

Students sign prom pledge not to drink

By Bryan Pena

The Tattoo

Absolutely no drinking. How close can schools come to an
alcohol-free prom? Parents, teachers and the general public
are deeply concerned with the problem of alcohol and
teenagers -- especially around prom season.

So what's the solution? There's probably none other than not
drinking at all. But that would be too difficult for most teens.
What seems to be most needed is awareness.

Prom Promise is a program that helps inform the student
body about the dangers of drinking and driving. It involves a
series of activities that started this spring and ends on prom

Prom night is one of the most memorable nights in one's life,
the pledge states, and the student wants to stay alive to
remember it. In signing the pledge, he promises not to use
drugs or alcohol on prom night.

Another activity Terryville students arranged during their
lunch waves was to confine administrators to a specified area.
In order to keep them 'locked up' a certain number of
students had to sign the pledge.

Other Prom Promise-related efforts include the tri-school Peer
Educators' float in the Memorial Day Parade, anti-drinking
announcements, fliers and posters at area schools and an
activity night at Bristol Eastern High School by the class of