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November 15, 1999

A New York school for engineers

The Tattoo

One of the top schools for engineering in the country is
Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, or RPI.

Located in Troy, N.Y., it's just 10 minutes away from the
state capital in Albany.

A highly competitive school, its student population is diverse.
There are plenty of friends to go bowling, play pool, swim
laps or work out with.

The campus is fairly large as well. There's even a bridge to

There are dorms with two people to a room and every two
rooms share a bathroom.

The university, being an engineering school, is very up-to-
date. There's a large 24-hour computer lab (which you may
need a sweater for year-round) with access to anything.

The dining serves, well, you know, your typical college

While the Russell Sage Dining Hall was lovely to dine in, the
price seemed high.

One student I spoke with said students don't like it at the
school. But others said they couldn't be happier.

You'd have to see for yourself.

But if you stop and ask directions, don't make the mistake of
inquiring how to get to RIP like I did!

Overall grade: B

For more detail, check out RPI's own web site by clicking here