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Amanda Lehmert/The Tattoo

German students react to school massacre

Blacksburg teens react to Va. Tech shootings

Hometown school shooting stuns soldier

Red Lake, Minnesota school shooting

Minnesota Public Radio's 'What happened at Red Lake?' site

German shooting hits close to home


The Tattoo

News stories:


Stories from other papers

Hometown school shooting stuns soldier

May 23, 2005

By Alkhansa El-Bedawi

Lieberman raps school violence

Sept. 3, 2001

By Mike Nguyen 

Memo details school response to threats

April 9, 2001

By Mike Nguyen

Friend: Coons no threat

April 9, 2001

By Sarah Jordan

Eastern may see clear bags

May 31, 1999

By Chantelle Garzone

Killer friendship

May 17, 1999

By Amanda Lehmert and Jessica Majerus

New drill: 'Lancer Lockdown'

May 17, 1999

By Merissa Mastropiero

Could new safety plan be dangerous?

May 17, 1999

By Joe Wilbur, Hila Yosafi, Merissa Mastropiero and Amanda Lehmert

St. Paul plans video monitor, buzzer system

May 17, 1999

By Courtney Pendleton

Bristol chief: More cops not the answer

May 17, 1999

By Joe Wilbur

Two students learn 'threats' no joking matter

May 8, 1999

By Joe Wilbur

(for The Bristol Press)

Kids who kill: school shooting raises fears

April 26, 1999

By Chantelle Garzone, Amanda Lehmert, Collin Seguin, Jessica Majerus and Laura Lindstrom

Coat rule freezes students

February 15, 1999

By Jen Rajotte and Laura Lindstrom

Eastern students take aim at cop's gun

February 15, 1999

By Joe Wilbur

The Tattoo

Opinion columns:

Teens need nurturing, guidance - not guns

May 7, 2001

By Kaishi Lee

Lockdown drill is going too far

May 31, 1999

By Hila Yosafi

Lots of questions, no answers

April 26, 1999

By Chantelle Garzone

What's worse: epidemic violence or apathy?

April 26, 1999

By Kathleen Haynes

If it wasn't me, it wasn't real

April 26, 1999

By Laura Lindstrom

Slaying hits home

April 26, 1999

By Natalie Minor

Consumed with hate, shooters needed help

April 26, 1999

By Jessica Norton

It could have been anyone

April 26, 1999

By Collin Seguin

Shooting a sick new fad

April 26, 1999

By Shaina Zura

Shivering students get cold shoulder

February 15, 1999

By Joe Wilbur


Slate: April 20, 2004

The Depressive and the Psychopath: At last we know why the Columbine killers did it.

The Washington Post: Dec. 27, 2001

Shaken but unharmed, Mass. school system says 'system worked' Aug. 29, 2001

The failure of zero tolerance

Time: May 20, 2001

Young voices from  the cell

The Arizona Republic: May 19, 2001

'Zero tolerance' being questioned

The New York Times: May 17, 2001

Crackdown on Threats in School Fails a Test

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: May 1, 2001

Teen gets prison for firebombs at school

The New York Times: April 8, 2001

Zero Tolerance Policies Change Life at One School

Education Week: April 4, 2001

Police adopt 'rapid response' tactic for school shootings

The Washington Post: March 31, 2001

School Safety Drills' New Mantra: Duck and Cower

The Chicago Tribune: March 31, 2001

Teen slain at Gary, Indiana high school

 The Washington Post: March 6, 2001

2 Students Die in California Shootings 

eSchool News Online: Feb. 1, 2001

Educators wonder: Is school violence triggering an exodus of students from our public schools?

Associated Press: October 26, 2000

School violence in decline

Chicago Sun-Times: October 2000

Deadly Lessons: School Shooters Tell Why

Frontline (PBS): Jan. 18, 2000

The Killer at Thurston High Sept. 23, 1999

Inside the Columbine High Investigation 

New York Times: May 23, 1999

Excerpts from Columbine student essays about the effect of the shootings

Rocky Mountain News (Continuing Coverage of School Violence)

Columbine: Hope from Heartbreak 

 The Washington Post: April 21, 1999

Up to 25 Die in Colorado School Shooting 

The Associated Press: Oct. 6, 1998

Teenager pleads guilty to fatal shooting at Kentucky school

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: March 1998- present

Ambush in the Schoolyard (Jonesboro, Ark. shootings)

Personal web site devoted to the worst school killing in history, in Michigan in 1927

The Bath school disaster





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