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Tattoo journalists win regional awards

Twelve student writers for The Tattoo took home awards this year from New Englandís premier high school journalism contest, the Scholastic Press Forum at American International College.

Bristol Eastern High School graduate Joe Wilbur, now a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, captured four honors, including the WEEI Enterprise Award that recognized his work for The Tattoo.

The Tattoo garnered seven different awards in the annual competition, which attracted more than 2,400 entries from more than 300 high schools in New England and New York.

The Tattoo won in the news feature category for its four-issue series starting in August 2000 called an Insiderís Guide to High School, which sought to tell students what they really need to know to survive successfully all the way through their senior year.

Also in the news feature category, Bristol Eastern High School freshman Katie Jordan nabbed a medal for her piece on the local popularity of Harry Potter.

In the editorial category, Eastern graduate Jessica Norton grabbed honors for a column on teen driving that ran last spring. Norton is studying at the University of Connecticut now.

A California contributor, Noel Fahden, topped the cartoon category for an illustration she did that ran on The Tattooís final Insiderís Guide page in September. Fahden is a student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Wilbur won awards in the columns and feature categories. His column, warning teens not to get lost in the system in high school, was part of the Insiderís Guide.

The feature writing award that Wilbur secured was for freelance work he did for The Bristol Press covering the 2000 Memorial Day celebrations.

A number of Tattoo writers shared in the news feature honor for the entire Insiderís Guide.

They were Bristol Central High School freshman Danielle Letourneau; Eastern students Katie Jordan, Mike Nguyen, Franco Garzone, Natalie Minor, Jen Rajotte and Sam Yosafi; Fahden; Wilbur; and former Eastern students Hila Yosafi and Sarah Jordan, both UConn students.


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