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September 23, 2002

Hold your nose in the hall

By Danielle Letourneau

High school stinks.

One day, at least at Bristol Central High School, youíll be walking down a hallway on the third floor and suddenly the most disgusting smell will fill your nose and make you want to vomit.

People will start saying that somebody threw up, but thatís not it.

Itís the awful stench of formaldehyde.

Or maybe itís the body of whatever it is that the anatomy class is dissecting.

Youíll see kids putting their shirts over their noses or complaining as they gag.

Then youíll notice the teachers and theyíll look completely normal, as if nothingís wrong.

They just leave the doors open and let the smell waft out. They could at least spray some lemon stuff.

So consider this a warning to all you new freshmen: everything will seem fine until spring, when school really does stink.