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Sept. 22, 2001

Students stunned and sad

By Kathryn Taylor

It started as a normal day at Belen High School , as everyone rushed to get to fifth period at 7:30 in the morning.

After the last bell rang and everyone was in class, my teacher announced that one of the towers of the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane. The class fell silent.

Everybody wanted more information.

Since every class has a TV, our teacher went to the front of the room and turned it on to the local news, which was showing live coverage of the attack.

Some of the TVs don't work in our hall so we stuffed all of those classes into our room so we could all watch.

A friend and I started to discuss what might happen next.

We came up with ever thing from World War III to forgive and forget.

Then we started to wonder who had done such a horrible thing.

We thought that it might have been a real accident, that maybe the pilot had fallen a sleep or something but when we saw the second plane hit we knew that both pilots were not asleep.

At the end of the period, as everyone went to their next class, we were still talking about the terrible events that had just taken place and the things that were still happening.

Now, after 11 days, everyone is still thinking about the victims and the world.

On behalf of Belen High School in Belen New Mexico, know that you are in our thoughts and in our prayers.

Taylor is a freshman at Belen High School in New Mexico .

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