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Sept. 9, 2002

-- Opinion --

We are one ... and ready

By Angelique Caligiuri

"A Day of Infamy" were the words which illustrated the paper on Sept.12, 2001, almost exactly one year ago.

New York City lay devastated -- and in dismay. Remnants of both the North and South tower blocked lower Manhattan.

Nearly 250 miles away, the Pentagon, too, was violated.

All in all, the attacks caused the death of an unfathomable number of Americans. More than 3,000 died in just a couple of hours.

As we mourned, the stories of many victims were told and retold.

Broadcasting specials and newspaper stories said that the victims' families must go on while the lives of the slain can only be remembered

The attacks are part of the history of the twenty-first century, but is it possible to remember without replaying the carnage?.

Americans hold their flags high and sing their anthem with pride.

Our country has been terrorized, but not inflicted.

We pray for the families who have the strength to restore our country with their stories and their foundations. A lesson has been taught, and a solution drawn.

We are dissimilar than we were one year ago.

We are more aware and we are continuously ready to be vindictive.

We are a country of one. We are the United States of America.

The headlines of Sept. 11, 2002 should read: " A Country in Mourning,."

But the stories beneath them should affirm our rejuvenation during the past year.

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