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Sept. 9, 2002

-- Opinion --

Canada stands by its American neighbor

By Kristine Millard

As the first anniversary of the World Trade Center Attacks grows near, it is nearly impossible to go a day without hearing something about the attacks.

To me the year has gone by so fast, and itís amazing how it has not been forgotten.

The attacks united not only America, but also Americaís bond with its neighbor  Canada.

Iím not saying all the lives lost were worth two countryís coming together to help each other at a time of need, because thatís definitely not the case.

Iím sure we would all much rather see the loved ones who we can now only remember.

However, I do feel that itís time we looked to the bright side like many people are trying to do, and leave the blame behind.

Relationships of families, friends, and even strangers have grown closer. We all feel a piece of each otherís pain, even if we did not lose a loved one.

This is a bond that everyone can share, and brings people together.

Itís nice to have seen Canada aid its ďBig BrotherĒ while he was down, and Iím now sure that if Canada ever goes to war, and calls upon America to come to the rescue, America will be there, right by our side.

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