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March 16, 1998

--- Review ---

'Titanic' sinks into viewer's heart

The Tattoo


By now most of us know about this tragic tale of
impending doom for a ship and its 2,000-plus
passengers on the fateful night of April 14,

Those who haven't seen director James Cameron's
revival of this story on the big screen know
nothing of a new twist:  love story meets
destruction. Throw in Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate
Winslet and you have a multi-million dollar
unforgettable hit. 

Although the beginning of this story starts out
slow and confusing, everything in it is
important and all the confusion becomes clear as
this tale of woe is told in flashbacks of a now
100-year-old Rose Dewitt Bukater.
The basis of this story revolves around the
fictional love story of Jack Dawson (Leonardo
DiCaprio) and Bukater (Kate Winslet). These
characters are truly fabulous and believable 
from the opening scene until the last.

Their compatability and true love will capture
your heart. Even after Rose's fiance tries to
keep them apart, they look into their hearts and
find undying love and commitment for one another
that nothing on earth could break.

This movie possesses a magnificent script that
contains lines which will remain with you long
after you leave the theater.

The special effects in this movie will amaze
you. The shot that occurs after the boat sinks
will haunt you forever.
I don't want to disclose the ending to you but
it is a tear jerker the likes of which I have
not seen in a movie in a long time.

This is not just another remake of an old
Titanic story, 'Titanic' will deliver the $6.75
movie price. If you have 3 hours and 15 minutes
-- and 5 boxes of tissues to spare -- hold on to
your hearts and get ready for the ride of your