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On the ball


Players may strike out

I agree with critics who say that professional athletes are overpaid, though I can live with that.

What I can’t live with is major league baseball players going on strike because they don’t believe that they are being paid enough. Click here for story

Barry Bonds

Bonds is a dangerous hitter and every time he gets up to the plate people watch to see him swing the bat and do his famous walk down to first base as he watches the ball sale over the fence. His success is the best thing that has happened to baseball in a long time. Click here for story.

Mets have visions of Series

Will the “New-Look” Mets live up to the expectations of fans and journalists? They should be able to shine with one of the best defensive infields in baseball (Alfonzo, Alomar, Vaughn, and Ordonez), a lot of power in the lineup and quality pitching. Click here for story

Not a Knight in shining armor

ESPN's first made-for-TV movie demonstrates former Indiana Coach Bobby Knight’s temper on the basketball court and reveals his soft side off the court – and does a credible job of portraying Knight, played perfectly by actor Brian Dennehy.Click here for story

Notre Dame football isn't what it used to be

Being the football coach at Notre Dame used to be a privilege. Coaches used to dream of having the chance to coach the Fighting Irish, but the prestige of the job has weakened lately. Click here for story

College hoops: a season of upsets

It’s the beginning of the college basketball season and for those die hard college b-ball fans it is a new year for their teams.

Anything can happen in college athletics -- that’s what makes them so fun and unique. We’ve already had indications that this college basketball season is going to be like no other. Click here for story

How Coach Calhoun put the puzzle pieces together

Coach Jim Calhoun seemed to be the only one who knew the 1998-99 UConn team would be there at the end, competing for a national championship. He guided his team as if they were really a group of huskies attached to a sled. He let them go and then when they got too cocky and excited he pulled on the rope to hold them back. When the championship game came around, Calhoun was ready -- he’d been preparing for years for that moment. He let go of the rope and let his team explode. Click here for story

O'Connor goes inside at ESPN

Cards' Kile dies at 33

We sit in front of our televisions and watch these miraculous athletes perform every night with perfection, and think of them as invincible. They cannot be touched, but they can. Click here for story

Red Sox could shake curse

It’s ironic that the Red Sox’s season starts on April 1, April Fools’ Day.  The Red Sox have had one disappointing season after another. It makes you wonder if the Baseball Gods cast a spell on the Red Sox. Click here for story

Super Bowl win no shock to Patriots

As New England fans sat and watched the final minute of the Super Bowl on the edges of their seats, their hearts pounded.

Coach Bill Belichick’s decision to let Tom Brady try to score from all the way down at New England's 17 yard line with 1:30 to go in the game was so daring that Fox Sports announcer John Madden, an expert of the game, told fans he disagreed with it.

The coach’s move was risky. It was dangerous. But it was what the Patriots had done all year.

Click here for story

With Bird on guard, Huskies will soar

The UConn women’s basketball team in the last decade has been as dominant as when Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls.

The University of Connecticut is known across the country as having one of the best women’s basketball programs. 

Click here for story

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T.J. O'Connor is a sophomore at Avon (Conn.) High School.