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Crashing in Cambodia
A Tattoo writer and cartoonist, Joe Keo, heads home to the villages where his refugee parents grew up. He found a very different life from the one he knew back home in America.
Cambodia With Joe Keo
Fleeing terror, finding freedom
Travels in the Kingdom of Cambodia
Harold Shipman  

Korea, with fresh eyes
Youth Journalism International journalist Minha Lee returned to her native Korea and saw the country with fresh
om Singapore.
The hustle and bustle of tiny Korea
Making sense of my family's wartime struggles
How to fix an Emo teen
The drunken swagger of the twilight
The Korean language, logically



Harold Shipman Myanmar: beauty, poverty and lucky birds
Tattoo journalist Geraldine Soon traveled from her home in Singapore to the impoverished nation of Myanmar, sometimes known as Burma, to see sights ranging from fearsome puppets to grand temples, from reclining Buddhas to begging boys..

Harold Shipman

Tour the United States
Tattoo journalist Kaishi Lee visits Boston, New York and Washington and tells all in an issue devoted to her journey from Singapore.
Boston and New England
New York City
Washington, DC
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Harold Shipman

A summer trip to Cape Cod
Tattoo writers Zach Brokenrope from Aurora, Nebraska and Teague Neal from Oakville, Ontario hit the highlights on Cape Cod and tell tales of whales, towers, shell, Spank the Monkey and more.
National Seashore offers the best of the beach
Finbacks, humpbacks and sharks, oh my!
It's all possible in P-town
Don't miss Scargo Tower
See the issue as it was printed.

Harold Shipman Discovering India, a different world
Tattoo journalist Wesley Saxena tasted the "fireball food" and fended off aggressive monkeys and wayward snakes to check out sites in India ranging from the market in Lucknow to the Taj Mahal.

See the issue as it was printed.


A rockin' museum in Cleveland
Join writers Kiernan Majerus-Collins, Katherine Holland and Mary Majerus-Collins as they tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.
To Paris and back, in 24 hours
Join Youth Journalism International Senior Writer Caroline Nelissen on a journey from the Netherlands to Paris and back in a single day.
Having it all in Hawaii
Join Tattoo writers Sean Soltys and Kathryn Middleton as they describe the long flight to reach the island paradise and the joys of Hawaii that make it worthwhile. 
See the issue as it was printed.
Afghan women in Kandahar Touring the Twain house and museum
Novelist Mark Twain created the home of his dreams in Hartford, Connecticut and wrote some of his most famous works there. Join Tattoo writers Joe Keo and Katie Jordan as they explore the house and a new museum next door.
A Palestinian is arrested in Hebron Acadia is perfect for a president ... and everyone else
Youth Journalism International Senior Reporter Kiernan Majerus-Collins provides a glimpse of Acadia National Park in Maine on the same day President Barack Obama finishes a short vacation there. Pictures by Kiernan and Mary Majerus-Collins.
Zach Brokenrope and Teague Neal Sailing through Mystic Seaport
Join Tattoo writers Zach Brokenrope and Teague Neal as they clamber around on the historic sailing ships at Connecticut's popular Mystic Seaport, The American Museum of the Sea. 
See the issue as it was printed.

Afghan women in Kandahar

Dubai, the Big Apple of the Middle East
Head to the lap of luxury in Dubai with Youth Journalism International writer Edrees Kakar.

Afghan women in Kandahar

Essex steam train rolls through time
Leap aboard the Essex, Connecticut steam train with Tattoo writer Zach Brokenrope and check out the Connecticut River Valley.
A Palestinian is arrested in Hebron Ancient Antigua an eclectic mix of old and new
Tattoo writer Oscar Ramirez journeyed to Guatemala to explore one of Central America's most historic towns, which has become an international gathering spot.
A Palestinian is arrested in Hebron Normandy's cemeteries show sacrifice
Join Tattoo writer Niamh Ni Mhaoileoin as she contemplates the Germany and American cemeteries near the D-Day beaches of Normandy.
Afghan women in Kandahar Eclectic city by the sea
Check out the international crowd of surfers, tramps and tourists who flock to ritzy Newport, Rhode Island in search of fun, frolic or maybe America. Courtney Coughlin provides a firsthand report.

The wonders of Japan
Check out the ice cream, toilets and other amazing stuff in Japan with Canadian writer Teague Neal. 
Afghan women in Kandahar Brinley's circus a gem
In the middle of struggling Bridgeport, Conn. is a massive 19th century building housing the P.T. Barnum museum. Going there with Teague Neal, readers will learn that visitors won't be among the suckers born every minute.
A Palestinian is arrested in Hebron Seeing Spain's old world charms
Join Tattoo writer Hila Yosafi as she travels from Connecticut to Spain on a class trip.
Afghan women in Kandahar A Connecticut Yankee finds himself in France
Tattoo reporter Brian LaRue wings his way to Paris and beyond in a firsthand account of a trip to France.
Afghan women in Kandahar Unwinding in Gozo's timelessness
Tattoo writer Maressa Zahra provides a telling glimpse of life on the beautiful island of Gozo in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.
See the issue as it was printed.
Afghan women in Kandahar Italian men and other tourist traps
Courtney Pendleton, a Tattoo writer, finds out what it's really like in Italy, and doesn't hesitate to tell all in her account of a class trip there.
Afghan women in Kandahar Cruise into togetherness -- separately
Tattoo writer Amanda Lehmert reveals that cruises may be just the ticket for the family that wants to vacation together without having to stick by one another's side: a cruise.
Afghan women in Kandahar The Tattoo goes to camp
Go to camp with The Tattoo as its writers tell what it's like to go to traipse through the Swiss Alps, learn cheerleading or volleyball and even find out about how to become a counselor.
Afghan women in Kandahar Finding my own way in Sin City - Viva Las Vegas!
Go to Las Vegas with Tattoo writer Mike Nguyen and discover why you can't just camp out in a hotel room. The casino operators want your money, any way they can get it.
Afghan women in Kandahar Take it slow when you go Down Under
Head to Melbourne and its environs with sharp-eyed travel writer Kaishi Lee. 
Afghan women in Kandahar Fun at the Ford Museum
Car maker Henry Ford assembled one of the nation's great museums outside of Detroit, Michigan. Take a tour of it with Tattoo writer Sara Greene.
Christmastime in New York
Plop down on Santa's lap at Macy's with Tattoo writer Zach Brokenrope and tour the Empire State Building with Teague Neal.

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