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August 28, 2000

Learn to type, and other good advice

By Hila Yosafi

The Tattoo

So you want to know what the "easy A" courses are? Too
bad, itís not that easy.

But I could suggest some useful courses. After all, you do
want to make sense out of your high school education.

The high school staff suggests every student take word
processing, preferably in their freshman year.

I can tell you why.  Everyone should know how to type. You
will need this skill.

If you think you already know how, well then, thereís an
easy A for you. This course teaches you the proper way to
type, which is the most efficient way, as well as formats of
various documents.  An added bonus: no homework

Knowing a language other than English is very helpful.
Every high school student should take a foreign language.
Bristol offers Spanish, French, Italian and Latin.  Pick one
and stick to it. It will help you with English, SAT and travel.

If you just canít understand why there is a silent H in
Spanish, I recommend you get a tutor if you have to. Why?
Three years of a single high school foreign language meet the
foreign language requirements in some colleges. That means
you donít have to take it in college if you donít want to.

The majority of Bristol high school graduates do go on to
college. If youíre college bound, I strongly recommend
taking the most difficult courses you can handle. Aim for the
accelerated and AP.

You will learn a lot more and maybe you wonít be part of
the 8 percent of students who
flunk out the first semester at UConn.

Big bonus: college credits, big money and time saver; plus
you will get those dreaded courses done and over with.

Follow my advice and no one can say your diploma is just a
piece of paper.