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April 7, 1997


Goodbye to 'The Whale' -- and good riddance

By Amanda Lehmert
Tattoo staff writer

To leave or not to leave? That was the question on the minds of
the Hartford Whalers during these past few months of
negotiations, as they tried their best to suck up all our tax
dollars for a new arena.

And now that they have announced they will turn, pouting, away
from our fine state, it seems the question among Connecticut
residents should be, 'To care or not to care?'

I, for one, will throw a party the day the Whalers pack their
sticks and pucks and make a run for the Connecticut border.

Please don't call me insensitive yet. It's not that I enjoy
seeing people lose their jobs, or that I get a rush out of
thousands of disappointed fans.

But at least I won't have to hear any more dimwit sportscasters
refer to the Hartford Whalers as "The Whale," because it makes me
want to shoot myself.

It has always been my belief that the term "whaler" means "a
person who hunts for whales." In that case, "whalers" would
signify "several people who hunt for whales."

A "whale" is, as we Nutmeggers should know, a sea mammal that can
weigh several tons and is really hip to want to save.

So why is it that sports anchors on every news channel must call
the Hartford team "The Whale?"

To exemplify why this is such an error on their part, let me use
an example. If the team's name was "The Big Game Hunters," then,
agreeing that the sportscasters would still be morons, they would
call the team "The Tiger."

Now you can see how this might get confusing.

One must wonder if it was just a typo on the cue cards that led
to this sickening trend.

Or could it be that the sports anchors, who can often seem more
like cheerleaders than real journalists, found it cute and peppy
to shorten the team's logo to "The Whale?"

Well, sorry if this is news to you, but it ain't cute. It's

So, may I bid a fond farewell to the money-hungry, soon-to-be-
former Hartford Whalers.

And good riddance to "The Whale."