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September 4, 2000

Why you should drive to school

By Hila Yosafi

The Tattoo

Driving to school beats riding the school bus.

If you don't drive, find someone who does.

If you do drive, be ready for students to ask you for a ride.

Driving allowed me to make my own schedule. I didn't have
to wait for someone to pick me up  or, in my case, have
someone wait for me.

Another bonus is the fact that I could stay after school for as
long as I needed.

Some students' wheels double as a storage unit.

Since a lot of students don't have sufficient locker space, or
no lockers at all, it is convenient to store your gear in your
car. Plus it is locked safely.

The only drag with this privilege is the parking. Thanks to
the renovations, there are fewer parking spaces.

If you're an early riser, you will get the good spots.

If not, you have a decent walk to class.

If there are no available spots in the school lot, try Rich
Lane. But donít park on the street in the winter -- it's against
the law and the city may tow your car.

Also, since the majority of drivers take off at 2:06, remember
to have patience waiting for your turn to pull out.

And don't forget to turn your lights off.