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August 27, 2001

Will your teachers like you?

By Mike Nguyen

They say looks will get you farther in life. Maybe they don't, but they'll get you through high school easier.

After all, teachers are just guilty with stereotyping (although they won't admit it) as your peers are.

A warm and friendly smile, and a good preppy American Eagle outfit, will make a perfect first impression for any teacher, no matter how mischevious or drunk you may be.

And you don't even need to look like Brad Pitt or Jennifer Anniston to do it (although it helps).

Teachers aren't as shallow as your freshmen counterparts, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a teacher who would favor a student with a large, green mohawk and shirts with skulls and bones, no matter how nice they are on the first day of school.

For years, preps have ruled their high school niche, getting good grades and still staying mildly popular (meaning they have friends).

Their clean looks and conservative appearance (bleaching your hair is a far cry from liberal) probably gets them a few extra points on their final grade -- and extra potty breaks.

You've probably been in school long enough to realize that they can get away with a lot, and why wouldn't they?

Just look at their innocent faces, cut smile and acne-free cheeks. Anyone who devotes so much time to their face and body can't be truly bad.

So who needs to work hard and write 20-page essays and hand them in on time?

With a bit of persuasive skills and a clean record, you're allowed a Get Out of Jail Free card every once in a while.

And they way to get in the easiest is to make a good first impression.

Be old-fashioned, dress clean and answer questions.

Giving the teacher an apple might be a bit much, but giving them a smile and a positive attitude is definitely a gift they will appreciate.

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