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December 22, 1998

Decorated house brings enjoyment

The Tattoo

Santas and stars and reindeer, oh my!

This year's overall winner of the holiday lights
and decoration contest sponsored by The
Bristol Press is the brilliantly lit up little home
of Wellman and Lorna Minor at 10 Arrowhead

The retired pair's yard displays several glowing
Santas, angels and reindeer. Their shrubbery
dances with twinkling colored lights across
from a blinking fence. Stars shoot past their
door. Candy cane and kaleidoscope pattern
lights brighten the walkway.

Even the window wishes everyone a “Merry
Christmas” courtesy of a shining sign. And
who can forget the manger scene, with the
three best Wise Men around.

The Minors said they've decorated their house
as a sort of holiday hobby for about five years.

"It’s an enjoyment," said Wellman Minor. "We
love it so much. Christmas is our favorite

"It’s fun," Lorna Minor chimed in.

Thanks to the many home and business
owners -- and admiring neighbors -- who
entered, the contest generated more than 100
toys for the Bristol Community Organization to
distribute to needy children in the community.
Many of the entries came from friends and
neighbors of those who actually created the

Local high school students who write for The
Tattoo -- the student page published by The
Bristol Press -- made the call on which
decorations met the Christmas cheer quotient.

Tattoo staffers studied every bulb, bow, and
bell in plain sight. In the process they found a
plethora of icicle lights, a few giant snowmen,
and more than a dozen special locations that
will knock Santa right out of your chimney. 

Those addresses are listed below.

After every candy cane had been counted, the
teens made a unanimous decision in favor of
the Minor's wonderful display.

Lorna Minor said their holiday masterpiece is
bound to get even larger. She said that she
and her husband drive around to see how
other people are decorating. They already
have ideas for next Christmas.

"We want to add a big church next year," said
Wellman Minor. "We’re just going to keep

Every Tattoo judge who viewed their house
came up with a different thing he liked. With so
many things to pick from, the Minors can’t
choose any particular decoration they enjoy
the most.

"We just love them all," said Wellman Minor.

The Tattoo judges agreed.

But don’t take their word for it. Grab your
warm jacket and your kids and check out every
merry detail of their festive abode. You better
hurry because the Minors said that people
have been lining up around their block to get a
close look at the display.

While you’re at it, swing past these places the
Tattoo judges felt were also worthy of a little
holiday praise: 

Who House --  198 Lillian Rd. -- Cindy-Lou
Who, from Dr. Seuss's Who-ville, could live
here happily. Cozy and covered with multi-
colored lights, Cindy-Lou Who would be proud
to make this her home in the Grinch's world.

Best Flying Reindeer -- 15 Bentley Rd. --
"What about gravity?" asked one of our slack-
jawed judges as he looked in awe at this
oversized Santa, sleigh and reindeer team
flying through the sky.

Electric Frost House -- 104 Curtiss St. --
They bought out every icicle light in town, or
nearly so, to festoon their house with the latest
fad in outdoor holiday shine. They also have a
nifty flying Santa and team. There's a pretty
good house across the street that's worth
noting as well.

The 'Martha Stewart' House -- 169 High St. --
Tastefully done old home on Federal Hill.

'Get Yourself to Funky Town' Trees -- 193
West Washington St. -- Disco fever meets
Christmas Eve. Even Santa's gotta boogie
oogie oogie there.

Best Grazing Herd -- 19 Kingswood Dr. -- A
whole team of white-lighted reindeer graze the

Cutest Little Lighthouse -- 86 Burnside Dr. --
They've got a little lighthouse, properly
decorated for the holidays. Santa checked his
list and knows that they've been nautical, and
also nice. But lighthouse buffs should check
out as well:

Best Backyard Lighthouse -- 183 Gridley St.
-- Looming high above a much-decorated
backyard is a large lighthouse that shines with
holiday cheer.

Best Angel -- 301 East Road -- A little bit of
heaven, also a clever use of an evergreen
spray decorated with ice skates and more.

The Candy Cane House -- 23 Mare Rd. --
Plenty of white lights plus a dash of red, all in
front of a backdrop of a pink door and pink
shutters. The red reins on the white light
reindeers was an especially nice touch.

The Wattage Award -- 15 Abbey Lane -- With
a giant cross, moon, stars, a manger scene
and much, much more, they've got it all, and a
Connecticut Light and Power bill to prove it.

Best Living Christmas Tree -- 560 Burlington
Ave. -- A big, fat tree that's at least two stories
tall, with a hefty star on top and a zillion or two
old-fashioned, multi-colored lights. Plus, as an
added bonus, they have a pulsing Santa and
Rudolph on the roof.

Tallest Christmas Tree -- 200 Central St. --
With a commanding white tree made out of a
flagpole out front, Ultimate Wireform's
whopping display can be seen across much of
Forestville. It also has other little touches,
including a parking space reserved for Santa,
that show the company's got Christmas spirit
and not just dental wire.

Biggest Wreath -- 563 Wolcott St. -- This
huge wreath formed by green and red lights
will catch the eye as you travel up the hill
towards Wolcott.

Best Star -- 60 Ingraham Place -- In addition
to a swell star, they had a cut-out snowman
family, a cut-out Santa and sleigh and a nice
tree. An original effort.

Best Christmas Message -- 91 Matthews St. -
- With three big shooting stars on the lawn and
plenty of lights on the house, they've also got
a gigantic "NOEL" shining out. Their neighbor's
house is also good.

Most Cooperative Effort -- 123-125 High St. -
- Nice to see neighbors working together to
showcase the season.

Best Shrubbery -- St. Matthew Church -- A
great church display that's gotten better than
ever this year. It also has a nice manger

Best Manger Scene -- 85 Carpenter Road --
A terrific manger scene that looks hand-made.

Best Pit Stop for Santa -- Karl's Mobil at the
corner of Pine and Middle streets -- Properly
decorated for Christmas, this service station
can fill Santa's sleigh with cheer.

Oldie but Goodie -- The winning house from
two years ago, at 25 First St., is still terrific. It's
got a bit of everything in a display that's been
growing for more than two decades.

This year's Tattoo judges were Joe Aparo,
Monirak Chhun, Suzanne Gregorczyk, Amanda
Lehmert, Leslie Marshall, Collin Seguin, Joe
Wilbur, Hila Yosafi and Shaina Zura. Seguin
and Lehmert, both award-winning reporters,
are seniors at Bristol Central High School.