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June 15, 2001

Day 2 of the X Trials promises to be a doozy

By Mike Nguyen

    Well, a day has passed and The Tattoo is going full steam ahead giving you more in-depth coverage of the X Trials in Bristol.

    Log in tomorow night and see a host of stories with more final results, winner and athlete interviews, and some more whacky commentary and stories from the staff.

    When we said in-depth, we meant all depths.

   The Tattoo will be covering all areas of the Trials Saturday, even from the air, as one of our own goes soaring overhead in the H.P. Hood Dairy’s blimp that will overlook the Trials Saturday afternoon.

    From down in the ground, follow the Quest of the infamous Sharpie and autograph sessions.

    If you're looking just your basic hard hitting news, we'll still be profiling our skater and biker buddies all day and giving you the insight on winners and losers, at all three Finals competition.

    Since there are three finals going on Saturday, also keep on standby as we write out recaps on all events, including bike vert, skateboarding park, and inline vert for your viewing pleasure.

    Also, get close with Tony Hawk as we follow him along as he gets a tour of the ESPN complex.

    And if you're still wondering what is at that Xperience area, we'll still be there covering the bungee jumping trampoline, the airbrush artists, and all the free prizes you can win or grab.

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