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June 15, 2001

X Trials predictions

By Mike Nguyen

Well, down here in Bristol, the X Trials is ready to kick off today in no time.

The only finals competition today is in Bicycle Stunt Flatland. If you're available, come for Saturday or Sunday, where the fun really begins.

But let's get you through each of the Finals categories and who is expected to win each of them.



The Tattoo would most like to see Matt Wilheilm take that license plate prize today, and it's quite possible. He did win at the B3 event, also an X Games Trial event, in Louisville.

Martti Kuoppa from Finland might be at Bristol to repeat another X Trials victory (he won the event in Texas). Kuoppa also won the X Games last year, so the smart odds might be on him if he's competing today.


Bike Stunt Vert

Jamie Bestwick is our boy, if you've read our profile of him earlier this week. He took the Games last year and won the Trials again this year.

He'll be back, hopefully, to oust stiff competition from biking legends Dave Mirra and Matt Hoffman, to take the prize again.


Skateboarding Park

Well, we really don't know who to look for here, since winners are drawn all across the board.

Eric Koston won the Games last year, but Caine Gail topped the Trials in Texas. Look for Chad Fernandez also.

The field for park skating is so diverse, I couldn't tell you how this one will end up.


In-Line Vert

If ever in doubt of who will win, pick a Yasutoko brother. These two Japanese teenagers have taken almost all in-line titles this year, and probably haven't placed anything lower than top three.

But, just for a bit of girl power, take a look at Fabiola da Silva, one of the few women extreme competitors.

The Tattoo favorite, though, is Matt Lindenmuth, of course, who has already qualified for the Games.


Bike Stunt Park

Dave Mirra and roomate Ryan Nyquist are ready to take this one if they are here. Nyquist already won in Texas, and Mirra won B3 and the Games in this category.

The Tattoo will be rooting for Bruce Crisman, who just missed the first place prize in Texas, but will try again today.


Skateboarding Vert

Andy Mcdonald has grabbed all the top prizes again this year, and it would be no surprise if he conquered Bristol too. But don't leave Canadian Pierre-Luc Gagnon out of the contest. He might take the license plate here.


 In-Line Park

The fab Fabiola will no doubt win the judges over and get the women's title.

But what about the men? Sam Fogerty is a consistent placer in the Trials, but look for Blake Dennis, who won Texas, to win again in Bristol.

So that's it for my predictions. By the end of this weekend, you'll all see how I do in a recap article. So keep it tuned on The Tattoo's website.


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