This is a Flickr API and TiVo HME Experiment

We won a TiVo Developer Challange Award!

I have written an application for the new TiVo HME which can display Flickr pictures on your TiVo. You can choose to display pictures searching by tags, groups, sets, users or just the most recent photos. This is configured by a GUI on the PC, or command line options for the adventurous.

Flickr Central - Java Application to browse Flickr from your TiVo Groups

Download binaries to run - here. Unpack this file and click on "FlickrCentral.jar" or "run.bat" to run.

Sources will be available...


new! version 1.9 - 2/19/2006 - big changes

version 1.5 beta - 9/10/2005

Version 1.1 beta - 7/10/2005

Version 1.0.1 beta - 3/02/2005

  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Version 1.0 beta - 2/27/2005

    Version 0.8 - 2/26/2005

    Big changes!

    VERSION 0.6 - 2/20/2005

    Removed TiVo logo (TiVo asks people not to use their logo), fixed small bug in Profile screen if user not logged in.

    VERSION 0.5 - 2/20/2005

    Added menus, login, contacts, groups, tons of stuff!

    Flickr Central - Java Application to View Flickr Pictures on a TiVo

    See also PVR Blog Entry and Flickr Topic.

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