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To make this Go-Kart we started with a self propelled reel-type lawn mower.  We removed the lawn mower handle, and added a frame and steering. 



This go-kart was based on the front fork and wheel of a motorcycle and a vertical axle motor.

A wooden wheel was mounted on the shaft of the motor.  It rubbed on the motorcycle wheel when the driver stepped on a pedal.  This produced lots of smoke and not much motion.  Some rider mowers work on this principle, so it should be possible to make it work.

Originally there was one motor cycle wheel in the back and two baby carriage wheels in the front.  This was very unstable so we added the roller skate stabilization wheels in the back. 

This wooden Go-Kart has a frame that started out as a skate board fun box.  The axles are threaded rod from a hardware store.  The wheels are wheel burrow wheels.  The seat is a cushion from an old couch.  The motor was taken from the self propelled lawn motor go-kart pictured above when we out grew it.
This design is based on a dolly.  A dolly is pretty inexpensive and it comes complete with a metal frame and two rear wheels.  Just add steering and a motor.

In this case the front wheels were off of a wagon.

We never actually completed this particular Go-Kart.

This go kart's frame is built up from steel purchased from a hardware store.  The steel comes in an angle iron shape for rigidity.  Holes every inch or so permit the frame to be bolted together, almost like an erector set.  The steel was cut using a saws-all with a metal blade.

The wheels, axles, disc brakes, motor, clutch, chain, sprocket, and bearings were all ordered from the web.

The seat is a $5 plastic chair with the legs cut off.

Like a professional Go-Kart, the rear axle is fixed so that both rear wheels are powered, and they are both connected to the disk brake.



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