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Parents tend to have many safety concerns.  Oddly enough, kids have few although they have the most to loose.

It seems that the biggest safety challenge is all the friends and neighbors who want to drive the go-kart.  Generally these kids haven't gone through driver training during the earlier stages of coasters.  One remedy is to insist that new drivers go through driver training by steering and braking while someone pushes the go-kart with the engine safely off.

We have a simple rule that if anyone drives the go-kart without a helmet then the spark-plugs are taken away for a week.

We always run our go-kart up on  blocks after making modifications before driving it on the street.  This practice has revealed many significant issues in a safe situation.

A flag makes the go-kart more visible to cars.

The selection of gear ratios is critical to safety.  If the sprocket on the engine is much smaller than the one on the wheel then speed will be relatively slow.

Generally it's a challenge to find a place to drive your finished go-kart.  Unless you live on a ranch you're probably going to be driving on streets.  If your intent is to drive on side walks then ensure that you build narrow and slow.

A spectacular wreck inspired a principle that every go-kart should have a kill switch before it's driven.  Some motors have a wire for this purpose.  If it is connected to ground through a button then the engine dies.  In other instances we've made one by bolting a piece of tin can metal to the engine's head with a piece of string tied to it.  When the driver pulled on the string it moved the metal so that it grounded out the spark plug.


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