Although many people have never even heard of this game, Lufia II is a RPG full of puzzles as well as traditional battles. It follows the story of Maxim, a warrior whose descendents carry the blood to defeat the Sinistrals. Though the tracks are simple, they contain memorable melodies and fit the mood of the game well. The music for this game was composed by Yasonori Shiono, who has written the songs for all the other games in this series so far.

Lufia: The Legend Returns is the third game of the Lufia series. Taking place after Lufia I, it follows the story of another descendent of Maxim as he and others encounter the enemy again. Lufia: The Legend Returns has a complicated soundtrack despite being on the Gameboy Color. Yasunori Shiono, the composer, once again does a great job using his mind to create a memorable soundtrack for a game not so memorable.

Song Title
Azure Ocean
Deep Blue
The Earth
Ending Motif
Iris (The Mystery Lady)
Opening Motif
Theme of Castle
Theme of Village
Lufia: The Legend Returns
Song Title
Doom Island Theme

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