About Maritime Specialties

Maritime Specialties was created in 2005 to provide recreational boaters with unique nautical products.

SEA-CAMERA is our first product. We first learned about SEA-CAMERA from the Miami boat show. Previously we had researched various means for underwater inspection but until SEA-CAMERA, none were available at a reasonable price for the recreational boater market. We are now proud to be offering SEA CAMERA at prices far less than those that were available at the boat show.

Although Maritime Specialties is new, we have been selling various items on ebay since September, 1999 under the ebay name auctions-are-fun. auctions-are-fun has a feedback rating of over 230 and never a negative feedback from any buyer. The same commitment to customer satisfaction is offered to you through Maritime Specialties. Click the link for more information on auctions-are-fun



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