Bilge Pump Cycle Counter

Connect this counter to the same circuit as your bilge pump. Every time your bilge pump activates, the counter increments. Normally a bilge pump may activate a few times a week. Now imagine that you find your Bilge Pump Cycle Counter incremented 22 times during the week. You can be sure you'd be looking for the leak. Why wouldn't you want one?

Maritime Specialties Counter faceplate is approximately 11/16" x 1 3/16". Counter is 1 3/4" deep.
Designed to operate on 12VDC. They may be mounted horizontally or vertically
Counters are new and come preset to 99980 to allow testing before commencing at 00000
Maritime Specialties

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A common question we get asked is if the counter is reset-able. A bilge pump counter should not be reset-able. It might seem advantageous to be able to reset but if you see an unusually high count, you would have to be sure that you remembered to reset. Instead, it is better to periodically enter the count into the ship's log book. That way you have a clear record of time and count. Even if you should forget to record the count, the counter reading still has meaning from the last time that it was recorded


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