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George W. Billiu 1

William Kyle Billiu 2

Sarah Esther Billiu 3

Robert Edgar Fletcher 4


    George W. Billiu 1, was born 9 September 1844 in Paulding County, Ohio; died 30 December 1935 in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana; buried in Westport, Indiana. He married (1) 28 November 1865 in Paulding County, Ohio, Delilah Heed born 1846 in Ohio. He and Delilah had one known child named William Billiu  born 17 March 1868 in Ohio; died 28 July 1951; buried in Van Wert Co., OH, Woodlawn Cemetery.  He was married twice but never had any children that I know of. His fist wife's name is unknown but his second wife was Eva Le Valley (Widow of Charles W. Ross). They were married 14 November 1909 in Van Wert Co., OH. She brought her three children to this marriage; George Ross b. 1891 in OH; Orley Ross b. 1896 in OH; Willie Ross b. 1899 in OH. George W. Billiu married (2) 22 June 1872 in Decatur County, Indiana, Harriet Isabelle Borden. Harriet was the daughter of William b. 1805 and Rachel (Corn) Borden b. 1810, of Sandcreek Twp., Decatur Co., IN. George was in the Civil War and served under Generals Kinsbury and Sherman. He was Honorably Discharged at Louisville, Kentucky on 11 July 1865. He was described as 5' 7" with fair complexion, with blue eyes and brown hair. He was a farmer and resided in Sandcreek Twp., Westport, Decatur County, Indiana. He was the son of John Billiu, born in New Jersey and Mary Cherry, born in Virginia. William Kyle Billiu was a step-son to George W. Billiu. Harriet Isabelle Borden had William Kyle Billiu before her marriage to George W. Billiu and after her marriage to George, he adopted William and gave him the Billiu name. William Kyle Billiu's true father is not known.

    The children of William Borden and Rachel (Corn) Borden were: (1) Nancy Borden b. ca 1832 in Decatur Co., IN. She married Mason Coleman 29 November 1850; (2) Mary Alice Borden b. ca 1834 in Decatur Co., IN. She married Andrew Coleman 30 December 1851; (3) Elizabeth Borden b. ca April 1840 in Decatur Co., IN. She married John Purvis; (4) Eliza Borden b. ca 1842 in Decatur Co., IN. She married James Nicely; (5) James Borden b. ca 1844 in Decatur Co., IN, He married Margaret Millholland 9 January 1865; Delila Borden b. ca 1846 in Decatur Co., IN. She married Harvey R. Robbins; (7) Harriett Isabelle Borden b. February 1849 in Decatur Co., IN. She married George W. Billiu 22 June 1871 in Decatur Co., IN; (8) Elias Jefferson Borden b. ca 1852 in Decatur Co., IN. He married Emily Vantreese 12 September 1872.

Children of George W. Billiu and Harriet Isabelle (Borden) Billiu

1. William Kyle Billiu 2 (George W. Billiu 1) born 22 November 1869 in Decatur County, Indiana; died 30 August 1935 in Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia. He married Sadie Claire Brown 21 July 1895 in Decatur County, Indiana. For more information on Sadie Claire Brown, see THE BROWN FAMILY. William Kyle Billiu is the grandfather of Robert Edgar Fletcher 4.

2. Burton Billiu 2 (George W. Billiu 1) died at the age of 18 months.

3. John Riley Billiu 2 (George W. Billiu 1) born 29 August 1876; married Anna Freda Turaska.

4. Edward Billiu 2 (George W. Billiu 1) born 25 March 1878; married Luella (unknown) in 1905.

5. Pearl Billiu 2 (George W. Billiu 1) born 15 February 1880; married 1 June 1899 in Decatur County, Indiana, Frank Hare.

6. Delila (Della May) Billiu 2 (George W. Billiu 1) born 14 January 1882.

7. Emma Billiu 2 (George W. Billiu 1) born 13 November 1887. She married Charles L. Hyatt 14 April 1914 in Versailles, Ripley Co., Indiana.



Sadie C. (Brown) Billiu, Sarah Esther  

 William Kyle Billiu, son Earl

       William Kyle Billiu 2 (George W. Billiu 1)   was born 22 November 1869 in Decatur County, Indiana; died 30 August 1935 in Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia. He was killed in 1935 when he was hit by a car while crossing the highway in front of his gas station. He is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery in Huntington. He married 21 July 1895 in Decatur County, Indiana, Sadie Claire Brown born 27 August 1873 in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana. She was the daughter of Samuel Brown and Sarah Ann (Stegner) Brown. In earlier years, William was a stone mason and worked at the stone quarries in Westport, Indiana, owned by the Hollensbe Stone Company with the general office at Greensburg, Indiana. William Kyle Billiu ran an Esso (Standard Oil Company) gas station at Fourpoles, Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia in 1925 and he resided at 423 Washington Avenue, Huntington, West Virginia. Sadie and William Billiu were separated by 1922 as she was living alone at 325 Berkeley in Charleston, West Virginia and working as a salesperson at Coyle and Richardson department store in Charleston (from the 1922 directory of Charleston, West Virginia). About 1926/1927, Sadie had moved to California with her daughter, Marion with William staying in West Virginia. It was said that William did not like California. William spelled his name Billiu but after Sadie left and went to California, she began spelling the name Billieu as she said it looked too much like "Billin" when written and wanted to clear up the confusion. Sadie Billieu worked for many years before her retirement at the May Company Department Store in downtown Los Angeles.

Children of William Kyle Billiu and Sadie Claire (Brown) Billiu

1. Sarah Esther Billiu 3 (William Kyle Billiu 2, George W. Billiu 1) born 26 April 1896 in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana; died 31 December 1949 in Los Angeles, California. She married (1) about 1916, Thomas Edmond Fletcher (2) Elmer Virgil Gibson.

2. Earl Adolphus Billiu 3 (William Kyle Billiu 2, George W. Billiu 1) born 12 September 1897 in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana; died November 1970 in Huntington, West Virginia. He married 30 June 1919 (1) Mona Sherman (2) Jessie Smith (3) 5 January 1925 in Charleston, West Virginia, Margaret Durbin, born 1903. Earl was a Barber and had a barber shop at 1810 McCorkle Street in South Charleston, West Virginia in the 1930's. It was named "The Eastern Beauty Parlor and Barber Shop".

3. Vernon William Billiu 3 (William Kyle Billiu 2, George W. Billiu 1) born 1 March 1899 in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana; died 21 June 1955 in Huntington, Cabell County, West Virginia. He married 5 August 1921, Edria Mabel Grady born 5 August 1904; died 5 January 1979. As a young man, Vernon worked for Remy Electric Company in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana. He was also a Telegrapher. He worked for the Standard Oil Company for some 30 years before his death in 1955.

OBITUARY: The Herald-Dispatch.....Thursday, June 23, 1955

V. W. Billiu Die's At 56; Veteran Employee of Esso

    V. W. Billiu, 56, of Huntington and South Charleston, a veteran employee of the Esso Standard Oil Company, died yesterday at the home of a daughter, 428 Washington Avenue. Mr. Billiu formerly bulk plant manager for the company here, was transferred to the Charleston office of the company in 1951 and had various positions there since. Funeral rites will be conducted at 2:30 P.M. Saturday at the Central Christian Church by the Rev. Joseph A. Garshaw, the Rev. Charles Cross and the Rev. E. H. Biddle. Burial will be in Woodmere Cemetery.

    Mr. & Mrs. Billiu made their home in South Charleston at 69 Riverside Drive. they had been at the daughter's home for the past several weeks. Mr. Billiu came to Huntington in 1934 from Charleston as an employee of the company. He advanced to the position of bulk plant manager, which he held until 1951. He had since been an Esso Specialty Salesman, a member of the commercial accounting staff and a salesman. He was a general salesman for the company at the time of his death. While a resident of Huntington, Mr. Billiu was a member of the Lion's Club. At the time of his death he was a member and elder of the First Christian Church of South Charleston. He was a member of Huntington Lodge 53, AF & AM.

    Surviving in addition to two daughters and the widow are the mother, Mrs. Sadie Billieu of South Pasadena, California; a sister, Mrs. F. B. Watson of South Pasadena; two brothers, E. A. Billiu of Huntington and Marshall Billieu of California and three grandchildren.

4. Marshall Luther Billiu 3 (William Kyle Billiu 2, George W. Billiu 1) born 7 April 1902 in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana; died 1 March 1964 in Los Angeles, California. He married Helene Sophia Dupuis, born 21 July; died 29 January 1960 in Compton, California. Marshall served in the United State's Marine Corps, probably during the 1920's. Marshall worked for Standard Oil Company and drove a gasoline truck. He also tried farming in Indiana and Oregon and in later years he worked as a house painter. He and Helene had three boys; Royal, Dale and Bruce, all deceased.

5. Marion Abigail Billiu 3 (William Kyle Billiu 2, George W. Billiu 1) born 9 June 1905 in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana; died 29 November 1979 in South Pasadena, California. She married Fletcher Briggs Watson born 23 September 1901 in Vermont; died 9 March 1976 in South Pasadena, California. Fletcher was a college graduate in chemistry and worked as a Chemist for Safeway Stores in Southern California in their soft drink bottling plant. They had 3 children; Fletcher Briggs Watson, Jr., now deceased; Larry Watson, now deceased and Nancy Watson. Nancy and Larry were twins.



Sarah E. (Billiu) Fletcher

Thomas E. Fletcher, Sarah E. Billiu

    Sarah Esther Billiu 3 (William Kyle Billiu 2, George W. Billiu 1) was born 26 April 1896 in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana; died 31 December 1949 at the Methodist Hospital in Los Angeles, California at the age of 53 years. She died of a brain tumor, was operated on but the tumor had spread throughout her brain and could not be removed. She lived only a few months after the surgery. She married (1) about 1916, Thomas Edmond Fletcher, divorced about 1933/1934 (2) Elmer Virgil Gibson. Thomas Fletcher was the father of all her children. There were no children born to her marriage to Elmer Gibson.

    Sarah and Thomas Edmond Fletcher moved from Indiana to Charleston, West Virginia about 1916. Thomas and Sarah Esther (Billiu) Fletcher had 4 sons, including a set of twin boys that were born in 1917. The two oldest boys were born in Dunbar, Kanawha County, West Virginia and the two younger boys were born in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia. Thomas Fletcher's father, Ulysses Grant Fletcher, was the president of the Fletcher Enamel Company in Dunbar, West Virginia.

    Sarah Esther and Thomas Fletcher separated about 1933/1934. Esther (she went by Esther) took her two younger children, William and Robert with her to Los Angeles, California where her mother and sister had moved a few years before, leaving her two older sons with their grandmother in Charleston, West Virginia so they could finish high school. They rode the bus from Charleston to Los Angeles but ran out of money in Texas and had to send for money from her sister, Marion so they could continue their journey to California. After their graduation, the two older boys also moved to California to be near their mother and the other members of the family. She rented a bungalow on Santa Barbara Avenue in Los Angeles near Exposition Park. Her two young boys, William and Robert have many happy memories of playing in the large park and using the Olympic size swimming pool. The 1930's were very happy years for a child growing up in Los Angeles. Esther worked for Sears Roebuck and Company at Slauson and Vermont Avenues for many years. About 1936/1937  Esther met Elmer Virgil Gibson. He was a mechanic by trade and a very good step-father to William and Robert. They bought a house on 74th Street in southwest Los Angeles and lived there until the children had graduated from Washington High School. That house was sold in 1943 and they bought a house a few blocks away in the 1200 block on 71st Street. Esther's uncle and other members of the family decided to move to Grants Pass, Oregon and go into the cattle business. Esther and Elmer Gibson thought they might like Oregon too so they sold the home on 71st Street and bought a rural home in Glendale, Oregon near Grants Pass on Cow Creek about 1944/1945. The first winter that they were in Oregon, it rained most of the time, the creek rose and they were afraid it would flood the house. There was much thunder and lightning and that scared Esther into selling the home and moving back to California even though they had only been there for a few months. On returning to California, they bought a home on Brett Street in Inglewood. Esther and Elmer Gibson lived at this home at the time of Esther's death in 1949.

Children of Sarah Esther (Billiu) and Thomas Edmond Fletcher

1. Thomas Gordon Fletcher 4 (Sarah Esther Billiu 3, William Kyle Billiu 2, George W. Billiu 1) a twin, born 16 June 1917 in Dunbar, Kanawha County, West Virginia; died 6 May 1945 at Cherry Point, North Carolina. He was killed in a plane crash while on a training exercise. He was buried in Sunset Memorial Cemetery in South Charleston, West Virginia. He was never married.

2. Marshall Grant Fletcher 4 (Sarah Esther Billiu 3, William Kyle Billiu 2, George W. Billiu 1) a twin, born 16 June 1917 in Dunbar, Kanawha County, West Virginia; died 29 December 1973 in Dunbar, Kanawha County, West Virginia; buried 31 December 1973 in Grandview Memorial Park in Dunbar West Virginia. He married (1) Phyllis June Hill born 30 June 1921; died 28 December 2001. They had one child then divorced. He married (2) Faith Hanning born in 1920, they had five children.

3. William Richard Fletcher 4 (Sarah Esther Billiu 3, William Kyle Billiu 2, George W. Billiu 1) born 11 November 1923 in Charleston, Kanawha County, West Virginia; died 25 April 1980 in California. He was never married.

4. Robert Edgar Fletcher 4 (Sarah Esther Billiu 3, William Kyle Billiu2, George W. Billiu 1) is a three year Navy veteran of World War II and served in the south pacific aboard LST 242. He married Marjorie. They have three children, six grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

 Robert with Mother 1943 

Robert and Marjorie Fletcher 2003

Robert E. Fletcher 1946


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