Solar House

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The heating system is driven by hot water. A 150 kBTUh Lennox Completeheat boiler supplies water to a 70 kBTUh air handler that supplies forced air to the upper two floors. The same boiler also supplies hot water to radiant floor loops in the basement slab and in the master bathroom. When there is not enough solar heated hot water, the boiler also supplies domestic hot water.

Lennox Completeheat Boiler and Air Handler

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) provides fresh air to the house while recovering heat from exhausted stale air. This unit also acts as the bathroom fans for all three baths and can be switched on from any bathroom. While most new houses should probably have one of these, it is a necessity in a tightly constructed house.

Honeywell Heat Recovery Ventilator

A Tamarack Technologies whole house fan draws in cool outside air during the summer months. We added an Energy Star Lennox Air conditioner in 2002. We use it on about 10 days per summer, usually when it is very humid.