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  1. June 2015: As part of our Institute of Earth Culture, the Jurassic Park Terminology page has been updated with info from the new Jurassic World.
  2. June 2015: Our long-delayed Terran Cetacean (Whales & Dolphins) page has been finished and is online.
  3. July 2015: Our long-delayed Terran Insects page has been finished and is online.
  4. July 2015: Our long-delayed Terran Birds page has been finished and is online. This is the last page of this kind we plan to do. We had a request to add prehistoric birds to this page and have done so.
  5. July 2015: Added a simpler front page option above for use in IE and other older browsers where the new format did not work right.
  6. July 2015: Rearranged the Site Directory page into more logical sections. It will be worked on a bit more.
  7. July 2015: Our long-delayed Japanese kaiju movie page has been finished and is online.
  8. July 2015: Added two pages on the extinct Vulcan language Nataki.
  9. August 2015: Our long-delayed Terran cats page has been put online. We have more to do on it but wanted to provide it before we went on break.

Welcome to Our Site!

This is the Internet home of the Vulcan languages Traditional Golic Vulcan (spoken by Surak and used for centuries in Literature, Religion and Ceremonies), Modern Golic Vulcan (its contemporary counterpart), Lowlands Golic Vulcan (a sister language to Modern), Insular Golic Vulcan (an extinct sister language to Traditional), FthinraKathi (a distantly-related, extinct language) and Nataki (an extinct, mysterious Vulcan language). We mainly focus on the first two. A couple of our words made it onto Star Trek: Enterprise during its final season.

In addition to language lessons and many, many dictionaries with specialized terminology, we have information on noted Vulcans, Vulcan history, Vulcan physiology, etc. More is coming all the time. We are also the home of the Institute of Earth Culture and have many pages devoted to facets of Terran culture for the benefit of Vulcans.

This site does not and will not refer to the material in the "reboot" Star Trek films, only that from TOS, STNG, STDS9, STV and STE, and books based on these.

We have put our TGV/MGV-German, TGV/MGV-French, TGV/MGV-Icelandic, TGV/MGV-Dutch, TGV/MGV-Italian, TGV/MGV-Spanish and TGV/MGV-Klingon dictionaries online to aid speakers of those languages. Some of these took years to do. We have been working on similar ones for Norwegian and Turkish. We are considering Swedish, Polish, Romanian and Portuguese for the more distant future. Limits with software prevented us from creating web pages with Cyrillic, Greek or Asian characters until recently. We may do dictionaries in Greek and Russian, but that is far, far in the future. There are no plans to do any of the Asian languages. If we get someone local that is fluent in Japanese or Chinese, we may consider working on those someday.

The home page was completely redesigned in December 2014 to make it easier to read and quicker to load. The original format had not been changed in ten years.

After more than a year of weekly updates and new pages, we will be taking a needed break for a couple of months, starting August 1, 2015. Corrections or additions to existing pages may be done during this time.

There are tons of things to check out on this site. Enjoy your visit!

Dif-tor heh smusma...

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Vulcan Language Institute

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The Vulcan Language Institute® originally began in 1980 to explore the languages of Vulcans on their homeworld and colonies. Originally named The Institute of Vulcan Linguistics®, our work is different from that of the Zvelebils, whose Vulcan material is also seen online. Their Vulcan language is known as "Modern Standard Vulcan" and is covered elsewhere on the Internet.

Our site opened on August 1, 1998.

Our pages will display satisfactorily in Google Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon, SeaMonkey, Lunascape, Rocket, Torch, Midori, UC Browser, Flock and even the last version of Netscape. You may find it readable in Kindle. We can no longer certify Safari or Opera, because they don't work on our computer anymore. Our pages do not display correctly in any version of IE. Recommended screen size is 1280 x 1024 or higher.











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