US Army Field Station Sinop

This page contains scans of the "Welcome Book" that was produced in 1989, as well photos that I took while on the hill.  If you were there in '89, there is a good chance you will see yourself.  There are also a few photos taken from the water tower and the "water" tower on the Main Ops site.  Sorry the site has been down for bit...see below.  

Welcome to my home page for USAFS Sinop.  I'm finally able to resore it today, April 25, 2008, after dealing with Comcast for MANY hours on the phone.  Apparently, when I moved in December 2006, they screwed up and created a shadow account for me.  When they starting updating their web page service a few months ago, my page got very screwed up.  Initially I lost the guest book, then it all died about two weeks ago.  Soooo, here goes again.


Welcome Packet Welcome Packet.

Scott Desrochers