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Scripture of the Day

1 unique, inspiring verse from the King James Version of The Holy Bible delivered to you each day on your iPhone / iPod Touch. 

Find more meaning in your life.  It's easy to go days and weeks without pondering anything of spiritual significance. Imagine how much better your day could be by simply reading 1 passage from the Bible.  Not just any passage, but the best passages.   

10 seconds to read.  24 hours to absorb, ponder, and put into practice a single message each day of the year.  365 passages from the King James Version of the Holy Bible carefully selected to inspire and enlighten your day.   

Scriptural Overview:

235 passages from the New Testament,

130 from the Old Testament.

111 passages from the 4 Gospels.88 passages from the Pauline Epistles.

36 passages from Proverbs.

35 passages from Psalms.

23 passages from Isaiah.  


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