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What If Loan Calculator



New: email feature - ability to email loan details. 

To run the What If Loan Calculator you need to modify available text fields on the Calculator tab (Figure 1).  Editable text fields include the loan amount, term, interest rate, extra monthly payments, and extra yearly payments text fields.  Once you click done on the keypad the montly payment, early payoff time, interest saved, and total cost will be recalculated.  You can save your loan information by clicking the save button on the calculator tab, and recall your loan information from the favorites tab.

You can view the Ammortization\Payment schedule (Figure 2) by clicking the Payment Schedule tab.  The payment schedule is generated using data from the calculator tab.

If you have any questions or recommendations for enhancement please send an email


Figure 1. Calculator Tab 



Figure 2. Ammortization\Payment Schedule Tab



Figure 3. Favorites Tab