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Brand New (to me at least) - 1996 BMW 328is

Here are a few pictures of the car just after I purchased it.

The ///M badge and the stickers. The first owner took delivery of the car in Germany (a la European Deliver) and then had the car shipped over here later. I was told that the stickers were there for a more European look. I removed them and the badge as this is not the look that I am going for.

Winter Photos - 1996 BMW 328is

Here are a few miscellaneous winter pictures that I have taken.

Accident - 1996 BMW 328is

I was driving down a turn lane approaching a highway entrance ramp when a rather large woman (I'm being polite...) driving a maroon '99 Ford Windstar crossed over two lanes and T-boned me on the driver's side. The damages to the car are not that large, as you will see from the pictures but more than anything it surprised me. That's the last thing in the world that I expected at the time. So, be careful out there everyone! You can be the greatest driver in the world, but you still can't avoid the surprise idiots out there.

Update [03.21.02]:
The car's all fixed and looks alright. I'm not too terribly impressed with their work though. There's are noticeable seams from where they painted, lots of undercarriage over spray, and places where there is paint that shouldn't be there. I spent an evening just cleaning up the car to get rid of the major spots. Also, the put a dent in the door they were fixing. So, it goes back in some time in April to get the door redone again!

Update [04.15.02]:
The car's back again and looking as good as ever. The dent was removed and the entire car was buffed out to bring back the shine it used to have.

Lake Royal - 1996 BMW 328is

Here are a few pictures just after I installed the PSS-9 kit.

More Winter Photos - 1996 BMW 328is

Here are a few more pictures I snapped over the winter of the car looking nice and clean.

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