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European Ellipsoid Headlights with 3M Stone Guard

Warning: If you are not competent or do not feel comfortable doing any of these modifications or procedures, then please do not do so. I will not be held responsible for any damages caused by a result of your actions. Now on to the fun stuff!

Since there are plenty of write-ups on how to install these, I'll just refer you to them.

Jim Powell has a wonderful write-up as always with lots of color pictures
Bavarian Auto has a pretty good write-up as well

I won't go into great detail here, but I will give you a few tips.

As far as the wiring goes, since I live in an area where we get all 4 season's unlike Jim, I decided to solder and shrink wrap all connections to be sure to keep any salt out of the works. I then taped everything up with some self adhering (it sticks to itself without the need for messy adhesive) tape.

When installing in sub freezing weather with moderate winds and snow, I'd recommend a larger soldering iron.

I had to remove two of the black plastic retaining nuts that screw into the car to get the ellipsoids in without rubbing the lower metal strip just below the headlight. Once I got everything in place, I just realigned the headlight in the socket.

Parts and Extras:
I picked up the StoneGuard from Griot's Garage in a large sheet.
The tape I got from the Eastwood Company
The lights were ordered from Rogue Engineering


Notice the projector on the outer low beams. That is what focuses the light so well.

I'll be sure to take some more pictures the next time I get the chance, but here are a few until then.

Final: All I can say is wow! These things really work great. The provide much more concentrated light down towards the road unlike the US lights which waste a lot light upward.

A few more pictures.

Yeah, it's kinda dirty. 400 miles on the highway in the winter will tend to do that to a car....

Update [04.15.02]: Here are a few shots of the ellipsoids on

City Lights

Update [04.17.02]: Here are some shots of them in full daylight.


Update [10.03.02]: After installing the coilovers the headlamp alignment had not been quite right. I finally got around the aiming them the proper way. Thanks a lot to Daniel J. Stern and especially his headlamp alignment page. It provides a detailed and easy to follow method for how to align the headlamps.

Update [10.07.02]: Here a diagram I worked up of how I aligned the headlamps as per Daniel Stern's directions.

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