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Disabled Parking Lights

Warning: If you are not competent or do not feel comfortable doing any of these modifications or procedures, then please do not do so. I will not be held responsible for any damages caused by a result of your actions. Now on to the fun stuff!

After installing ellipsoids and getting city lights with them, I didn't like the looks of the orange parking lights. So I decided to shut them off when the parking lights are switched on. After talking with a few people on I decided to not cut or disconnect ANY wires. Instead I merely placed a piece of electrical tape over the terminal on the bottom of the bulb. This cut off power to the bulb, did not throw a check light on the OBC, and disabled the parking light.

Update [04.15.02]: Here are the promised shots of the disabled side indicators. They still function as turn indicators, just not parking lights. Very European.


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