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Wheels and Tires: Summer Combination

These are the wheels and tires that were on the car when it was purchased.
The tires are Goodyear HP in size 205 60 R15
The wheels are BMW 15" style 52 I believe (anybody know if these are style 52 wheels?)

I have found the Goodyears to be a pretty good all around tire for my uses. I do a lot of highway driving, so I need a harder compound tire. They don't cost as much as the sportier tires and give much better life. They have made it through 2 track days and 3 autox's so far. Although a dedicated set of track rubber would be nice.

Here's an old picture of the car for an idea.

Update [10.09.02]: I have gone over to the Bridgestone RE950's in the same stock size of 205 60 R15. So far I really like them. They work very well on dry pavement and stick very well in the rain. Hopefully the tread life will not be too bad with the new coilover setup. They are quiet on the highway and do not seem to cause any tramlining issues.

Update [09.21.03]: After about a year of use I'm still very hapy with these tires. I'm confident I can get at the very least another year out of them! For me these are about the perfect tire. They're great on the road in the rain and dry. I have not tested them in the snow as I have snow tires for that. On the track they have a good amount of grip and breakaway very evenly with no squeeling howling or other noise. I have had no chunking, but did get a little bit of VERY minor cupping on the left front after a day at the track (it is run clockwise which I suspect loads the front left tire more than the right). All of my experiences are with the suspension setup described in the Suspension section with -2* of camber all around and zero toe up front. At the autox they were consistent and did not have any problems heating up or overheating. I was able to top the times of other very well seup vehicles in my same class (SCCA STS or DSP) despite still running on a true street tire, as opposed to something like a Falken Azeni. If I needed another set right now I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another set.

Update [10.14.04]: After an autox school I did, I manged to chunk all 4 of the tires. It's not too bad, but the chunks are about 3/4" by 1/4" or so located on the first rib off of center. The pavement at the school was rather rough (Columbus, IN for anybody who might know) and I think that combined with some heat was hard on them. As a note, I never chunked them at Nelson's Ledges the two times I was there on track.

As another note, I picked up a set of 17" Mille Miglia MM-II's with a set of old Bridgestone Winter Radials. Here are a few pictures. I'm not sure what to do with them. They're 17x8, but I think they have a bit too much offset as they're a little close to the rear fender lip. There is still quite a bit of space behind the wheel.

Update [10.15.06]: Last summer I purchased a set of M68 wheels off of a e46 330i sport. I swapped the 7.5" wide wheels with my father for his 8.5" to use for winter wheels on his car. I wrapped my 8.5" wheels with 245 40 R17 Kumho Ecsta MX tires from Tire Rack last summer and ran them briefly.

I rolled the front and rear fender with a borrowed roller and heat gun I picked up locally. I did not have any problems with paint cracking or strange fender deformation. I just worked slowly and didn't try to bend too much at a time. I practiced on my parts car Miata for another project I'm workin on to make sure I had the procedure down pat. Keeping the paint properly warm but not too hot proved to be quite important.

I found the combination to have more grip than my previous combination obviously, but was not able to try then out on the track or autox unfortunately. I was trying to put the RE950's to good use for the rest of their tread life! The tires are a good bit louder at highway speeds than the previous RE950's, but that was to be expected from a stickier tire especially with the large tread blocks of the MX's.

I was unable to track/autox these tires this summer either, as I ran the Mille Miglias all summer long to try to get rid of those tires as well! I put the M68's back on for the end of the summer just to get a little use out of them.


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