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Dent Fest '03 at Auto Assets in Powell, Ohio.

Thanks again to all of the guys at Auto Assets along with Chris, Brian, Renee, Aaron, and Lisa for organizing it.

If anybody wants a larger copy of any of these let me know. I have them in 2048x1536 at around 1 MB each.


Washers are good for rear shock absorbers....

Update [04.25.03]: I got the dyno sheets today in the mail and scanned them. Something of note is that the graphs sent to me are in actual numbers, not correct like they should be. The actual number given to me at the time of dynoing were 184hp and 198 ft-lb of torque from memory. If this is not correct, let me know and I'll change them.


Update [04.28.03]: I received the data thanks to Chris who downloaded all the data and uploaded it to his page (thanks Chris!). I got a copy of DynoJet's Run Viewer too and made my own decent graph. The other two runs had problems with catching the tach just right (this explains the funny torque numbers and shifted torque curves above also), so they were not able to be plotted with respect to engine revolution. This one will do though. The numbers from all the runs are as follows:
184.10 Hp
184.06 Hp
184.26 Hp
32.92 ft-lb
197.69 ft-lb
131.94 ft-lb

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