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A few pictures of a desk I built.

Buckeye BMWCCA Driver's School at Putnam Park
A few pictures from a driver's school I visited hosted by Buckeye BMWCCA at Putnam Park.

Dent Fest '03
A Columbus, OH BMW meet featuring dyno runs and dent removal hosted by Auto Assets.

Converse, IN Autocross
A few pictures of an autox I attended on 10.27.02 with Team Rose Motorsports

Columbus, IN Autocross in the Snow
A few pictures from an autox I attended on 02.23.03

Guide to Shifting (Manual Transmission)

After a few days of driving, you'll see this is a very natural manner of shifting. As it may be awkward at first, you'll see that it has its merits when you start to drive faster. The motions in the pictures on the following page work for any shifter, but if your shifter has excessive notchiness or requires high effort, this technique may not be as easy to emulate.

Carbon Fiber Roundel Stickers (For Sale)
I decided to create a MUCH cheaper alternative to purchasing the faux carbon fiber roundels available on e-bay for typically around $60-100 (please correct me if I'm wrong here). So, I had a set of vinyl graphic stickers cut for me at a local shop.

1962 Austin Mini Countryman
This car started life as a rusted bright blue wagon. It did not run and had lots of 'spare parts.' Check this out to see what the Mini has become.

1967 Austin Healey Sprite (Restoration)
This car was purchased by me at the age of 13! For 3 ½ years the car was restored to like new condition. A full strip down restoration transformed the car into a green fun machine, when it was running right.

1991 Mazda Miata
This is another one of my father's cars. It sees use as a weekend and occasional weekday car just for fun. To top it all off we added a JR supercharger and full exhaust system to make things interesting. A definite sleeper!

1996 BMW 328is History
This section contains a detailed history of the car since I purchased it.

2000 BMW 540i (6-Speed)
This was my father's daily driver form Nov. 1999 to Oct. 2002. It is one heck of a car. Loads of power, a six speed manual transmission, a firm but compliant ride, good sized trunk, HIDs, and great looks to top it all off made it one of my favorite cars I have ever driven.

Site History

This section contains a detailed history of updates and when information was posted on this site.

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