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Here are some pictures and info on my dad's Project Car, a '62 Austin Mini Countryman.


1380cc MinComp engine (up from 850cc)
LCB Header
Single 1-1/2" SU Carburetor with K&N Filter
Alternator Conversion
Lucas Sport Ignition
Modified RC-40 Exhaust
Oil cooler with Thermostat
Remote Filter Mount
Engine Stabilizer Bars
Reduction Starter Motor

Rod Change Transmission
Short Shifter

Threaded Adjustable Suspension
Rubber Cone Springs
Spax Adjustable Shocks
Adjustable Front Suspension Arms

Front Disc Brake Conversion
Brake Servo
Bias Valve
Finned Rear Drums

Metal Front Flares
Wooden Rear Flares

Wheels and Tires:
10" Minilite Wheels with a little extra rubber

...and a few other goodies.


In the body shop...

Bottom and engine compartment all painted with the Engine and suspension installed.

Update: The car is currently in the body shop. The roof has been painted and the body and interior are awaiting paint.

Update [02.04.02]: The interior is all painted and masked off. After another sanding, the exterior will get sprayed and it'll be ready to be assembled.

Update [03.07.02]:
The exterior paint is completed. The white flaky looking specs are polishing compound.

Update [03.11.02]: As of noon on Saturday the 9th the car is finished and back home where it should be....(Pictures coming soon)

Update [04.15.02]: The process of putting her all back together has officially begun. Here are some shots of the car as it sits currently.


Update [06.15.02]: The wood is about complete. It just needs final sanding and then some stain and clear coat. The rear windows and interior will go in after the wood has been permanently affixed.
In the mean time, here are a few pictures to tide you over. Here are a few things to note. Finned rear drums; adjustable suspension along with the funky rubber cone springs and adjustable spax dampers; sump guard; remote mount oil filter.



Update [06.15.02]: Here are some of the current pictures of the wood. There's a few of the Rube Goldberg device we rigged up to hold the pieces together when the glue was setting.


Update [07.14.02]: The car is just about complete. The wood is stained, cleared, and fitted to the car. The interior is just about all installed. All that needs completing is the dashboard trim and other small bits for it.


Update [07.05.02]: We finished up putting the interior in the car just in time to take it to the Stow Rotary Car show yesterday (July 4). The interior looks very classy, just enough leather here and there, but not so much that it detracts from the spartan appeal of the car. Only one picture unfortunately.

Update [11.07.02]: We have been having some rubbing issues with the passenger front tire. After adjusting the front rod a bit it has gotten a little better but still needs some tweaking. A set of adjustable camber arms are in the mail.

Update [01.12.03]: The adjustable suspension arms finally came in and they are on the car. I'll see if I can get some alignment specs up here soon.

Update [06.11.03]: The bearing in the steering rack finally gave way and out went the steering. Luckily in the driveway so the last two days have been spent removing and replacing a broken steering rack. Sunday is Stan Heywet's annual Father's Day car show and we managed to swing a pair of invitations. One for the mini and one for the '47 Ford Woodie Wagon. Pictures to come soon.

Update [06.19.03]: We made it to the Stan Hywet Father's Day show with both cars. Unfortunately, there was a long line of traffic once there. I had to pull the mini over to the side next to a Jaguar XK120 hardtop to cool off. English cars (especially ones with hot motors) don't much like to sit in traffic. Here are a few pictures of the mini before the show.


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