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I decided to create a MUCH cheaper alternative to purchasing the faux carbon fiber roundels available on e-bay for typically around $60-100. So, I had a set of vinyl graphic stickers cut for me at a local shop.

How's the fit..?

The fit is perfect, as you will see, it covers the blue portion of the roundel. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hood/Trunk: I have been told that they will fit: Part Number 51 148 132 375
all e36 front and rear roundels but NOT rear convertible
front e46 (the back is apparently smaller) <- I'm working on this! See update above.
front e39

Wheels: I have verified that they will fit:
Part Number 36 13 1 095 361 (three piece 'Clipped on Plaque' roundel)
Part Number 36 13 1180 419 (one piece 'Glued on Plaque' style roundel)

If you are unsure as to whether these will fit your wheels send me an email and I will find out.

Installation Instructions

So, How much..?

Note: I have reduced the price!
The price is set at $10 for enough stickers to cover 2 roundels (hood and trunk) including shipping to anywhere in the US.
The price for the wheel roundels is $15 for enough stickers to cover all 4 roundels including shipping to anywhere in the US.

If you purchase both together the price is $24.

How do I pay..?

I prefer Paypal but checks (if it is a personal check I will wait until it clears), cashier's checks, and money orders will be accepted. Cash will only be accepted on a personal basis. My Paypal account is

If you are interested please send me an email with 'Roundels' in the subject line.

Are they going to last.. ?

These stickers were created out of a high quality vinyl that is also used for car graphics, windshield banners, outdoor signs, and window stickers. I have been using them for two years on my hood and trunk through snow, salt, rain, and cold and hot weather. They sit out throughout the year exposed to the elements. I cannot really imagine a worse environment for them. I have yet to have a problem with them.

What do I get..?

You will receive two of these.

Carbon Fiber

Now, on with the pictures.....

Standard Blue

Carbon Fiber

The reflection is me taking the pictures.

Wheel Roundels
Note: this is a 'Clipped on Plaque' roundel


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