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Here are some pictures and information on my first car.

It was purchased at the age of 13 and completed at age 17. Everything on the car was rebuilt, replaced, repaired, or refinished. All work was completed by my dad and me including engine rebuild, all painting, all body work (new driver A pillar, rear quarters, fiberglass hood etc.), rewiring, interior (new carpet and panels), new brakes, suspension...


Engine and Drivetrain:
1275 cc Engine
Free Flow Air Filters
Lucas Gold Coil
Crane Electronic Ignition
Dual HS2 SU Carbs
Exhaust Header
Monza Free Flow Exhaust
Alternator Conversion
Negative Ground Conversion

Polyurethane Suspension Bushings
Stiffer Springs
Rear Tube Shock Conversion
Front Sway Bar
Rear Panhard Rod

Fiberglass Hood
Roll Bar

Wheels and Tires:
13" Painted Wire Wheels
175 60 or 70 (I can't remember) R13 Tires

Sadly the car was sold for something with a larger trunk, more interior room, a better heater.... the 328is

The car was loads of fun to drive when everything was up to par, which as being an English car, was not all that often. It will be missed.

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