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The Invocation of Lilith

Sometimes magickal works take on a life of their own...

The original "Invocation of Lilith" was written by myself and Lilith D. in mid-1994 . We had searched everywhere for an existent rite to invoke the Lilith godform for use with our ritual working group, Temple Anaki (AX). We couldn't find anything but a rite in German, "Lilith-Ritus", credited to "Soror Hachel", who may have been an associate of German Chaos Magic author Frater U.D. Not having access to a translator -- Web translators didn't exist yet -- I attacked it with my barely remembered high school German and an English-German dictionary, and managed to hammer out a translation. One of the invocation verses of our Lilith rite was from that adaptation. The others were from John Dee's Enochian papers and from Frater U.D.'s poem, as referenced in the notes of the rite. Originally, we used an Enochian verse also found in "Lilith-Ritus" but dropped it when it seemed to make the whole thing too long, and it would be hard to memorize a long passage in Enochian.

The Invocation is not an easy one to perform. Willing and able participants are difficult to come by -- it's an advanced working of intense sexual magick. Unless the participants are capable of abandoning themselves to the almost-inevitable sexual activities that ensue, the Invocation will lack conviction. But it is also a mistake to approach it as a mere prelude to a recreational orgy. Only once have we managed to be entirely satisfied with the results of working this rite.

The ritual text was placed in the FTP archive of The AutonomatriX in the fall of 1994. There is a reference to this in the message:

We first posted "The Invocation of Lilith" publically in October of 1994 to the PODSnet BBS network's "Sex Magick" forum. In November of 1994 we posted it to the UseNet newsgroup '', in response to a request for a "dark sex magick" ritual. Try as I might, I can't find the original posting in the Google Archive. I did find a reposting of the message to alt.magick.tyagi dated November 28th, 1994 (Tyagi Nagasiva generally reposted the interesting messages from the alt.magick* hierarchy to his newsgroup every week or so.)

"The Invocation of Lilith" soon began to propigate across the Internet. It began popping up on the fledgling World Wide Web on various homepages and FTP sites devoted to magick, sexuality and dark goddesses. Sometimes we were credited with the original composition, often we were not. Most of the "anonymous" reprints were of the original version from the UseNet posting, with the author's credit removed from the text. But several more ethical webmasters contacted us for permission or at least credited the rite to us. A search on Google for "Lilith Rite" turns up thousandss of hits, and it seems almost every other one is a link to a copy of the "Invocation of Lilith"! It's also been quoted as part of the "Lilith" page on Wikipedia and many of its mirrors.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and a number of "knock-offs" began to appear -- Lilith is a very popular godform amongst Dark magicians and pagans. (Of course, I've also gotten the reaction:"Why in the world would anyone want to invoke HER?!?")

And the link to "Lilith" below is a fan-fiction story where the author used the Invocation as the basis of a tale of horror. That is very sincere flattery indeed!

Now, we don't mind so much if people link to or reproduce the Rite for personal use like fan fiction - that's "fair use" as far as we're concerned. But we do claim copyright on it. Please do not use the Rite or any portion for commercial purposes - or we might have to summon Lilith on you!

So here are just some of the various permutations of the Rite, along with some of that sincere flattery.


 The Invocation of Litith on the Internet:

  • The Invocation of Lilith The most recent and definitive incarnation -- please use this one if you wish to link to it.
  • The Invocation of Lilith The original version from the FTP site, as posted to UseNet.
  • L'Invocation de Lilith The French translation, by Philippe Pissier.
  • Invocacion de Lilith The Spanish translation, by Radisse.
  • Lilith Rite An elaborate Thelemic ritual by "Paendora", where the author lists our rite as a source of text and of inspiration.
  • Lilith - A novella by D.L.Witherspoon, in which some teenage witches work The Invocation of Lilith and get a bit more than they bargained for. The author credited us as the source of the rite.
  • Searching for Lilith A Google search for "Invocation of Lilith" (120 hits)

We are very interested in hearing accounts and commentaries by anyone who has performed the Invocation, whether successful or not. Send your comments to Joseph Max or Lilith Darkchilde.

 Those wacky fundimentalists! These links are to Xtian sites that use the Invocation as an example of the eeeeeeevil nature of (among other things) Goths, Feminists, Pagans, Magicians, Jewish women and female musicians:

  • The Light 1998 Probably the most disjointed and rambling Xtian conspiracy theory site ever! Look for the words "THIS WOMAN \ HARLOT IS THE SPIRIT  'WICKEDNESS'" which is a link to the Invocation of Lilith rite.
  • The WELS Campus Ministry This Xtian preacher found "The Invocation of Lilith" pretty horrifying, and used it as the basis of a sermon to lash out at the "Lilith Fair" festival.
  • The Only Admit One Blog  Purporting to be the "online ministry" of Rev. Cherie Goodpasture. The Rite is used an an example of the evil of Lilith (blaming her and the Devil for planting the Tree of Knowledge in Eden). She warns that, "Now I am in no means wanting to glorify the devil or any other demon here." That's a relief, Cherie!

 Links to more Lilith-related works:

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