Quotes for and about Mayme

"Encouraged by this diminutive slip of a woman
possessed of more energy than an entire roomful of ordinary mortals,
I quite fell in love with her and often wish that I lived nearer to her.
To accompany her on some of the adventures she embarks upon
or just be be quiet and enjoy her sweet, bright conversation.
Wouldn't Muir have loved her!" -- Jill Carlino

"Woman of vision leading others to carry on." -- Jill Harcke

M      Meditative, Mentor to others
A      Arts Appreciator
Y      Young at heart her whole life
M      Mountain Climber
E      Educators with Energetic Curiosity

K      Kindred Spirits with Family and Community
I       Intrepid Independent and International in her interests -- possessed of a true world view
M      Muir Scholar with husband Bill
E      Environmentalists ahead of their time
S      Sharer of their time, energy and resources to their children, grandchildren and their community

Bill & Mayme were an exceptional couple -- a perfect match of spirits and sensibilities.
Drivers and Navigators taking turns in harmony throughout their lives together --
I remember them with admiration.
Love & the kindest regards,
Bob & Jeanne Butterbaugh

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Mayme's favorite quote:
"Oh, these vast, calm, measureless mountain days, inciting at once to work and rest! Days in whose light everything seems equally divine, opening a thousand windows to show us God. Nevermore, however weary, should one faint by the way who gains the blessings of one mountain day; whatever his fate, long life, short life, stormy or calm, is rich forever."
- John Muir

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