Installing a Winch In Your Polaris Rzr



After you've gotten a mount you can install the winch in the Rzr.  This one was made by PRC member Martymoe and features a clever fairlead extension that clears the chassis and lowers the fairlead in the opening of the Rzr nose.






There already is a factory location for the winch electrical contactor.  Remove the 4 plastic plugs in the passenger footwell and bolt the contactor in place.  Wire the winch per the supplied instructions.





I opted to use a wireless winch controller.  The receiver fit nicely in the space above the passenger grab bar.  The receiver antenna is mounted right above the receiver to the underside of the dash plastic.  The 2 wires that control the contactor In/Out relays run over the top of the bulkhead to the contactor.










Here is the Rzr fuseblock with the snap-on cover removed.  Power to the wireless receiver (or In/Out switches and remotes) can be tapped here.  There is a spot in the lower left corner that is battery HOT.  I connected here so I can run the winch even with the key OFF.  If you prefer to run your winch with the key ON, there is an orange accessory connector near the lighter plug for that connection.





Once my winch was installed and working correctly I wanted to replace the steel cable with synthetic rope.  The first step is to take a lighter and melt the end that will attach to the winch drum into a hard ball.









Take a string and fish the synthetic rope thru the slot.





Before I get too far ahead I should mention that it's important to route the rope through the mount, fairlead, and any sleeves and rope protectors you intend to use.  I removed & restrung my rope 3 times before I got it right.









Loop the end of the rope around the steel slug that secured the original cable and pull it tight.  If your winch didn't come with this slug, or uses a different attachment, just adapt accordingly.  The winch rope is never supposed to be fully unwound from the spool so NEVER rely on the mechanical attachment to hold under load.  ALWAYS leave several wraps of rope on the drum when using the winch.





To make it easier to tell when the rope is nearly played out I wove a piece of shiny Christmas ribbon through the rope, leaving 6 turns still wrapped around the drum.  This will give me a reliable visual cue when to stop feeding out the rope.









Here's the winch, rope, fairlead, protector, and hook all installed and ready for action. 





By the way my rope protector is a rubber ball from a pet supply store.  It's indestructable and already has the hole through the center.  This ball keeps the rope from snagging on the little twigs, burrs, etc. and keeps the thimble and hook on the end of the rope from coming into contact with the fairlead rollers.









One last cheap little tip:  I didn't want the hook to be dangling in front of the machine and there wasn't any real good place to hook onto so I stole one of my wife's spare vacuum cleaner belts and wrapped it around the tiedown bar near the bottom of the chassis.  This works great to keep the hook out of harm's way and quiet as you ride.