Helpful hints on improving the Yerf-Dog Off-Road Buggy


This is my Yerf-Dog 3206 Off-Road Go-Kart, taken shortly after purchase and before I made any changes.


And this is now.  Some details are below.  Clicking on some of the pictures will open a detail shot or take you to another page.


I disconnected the brake-safety switch and used it to activate a tail light.  I feel it's more important not to get rear-ended when riding with friends.


Better shocks are an absolute necessity on this kart.  I and many others have installed Carter shocks up front
part no. 3531000 as used on the Carter 1150 front
"Miscellaneous" section--about 3 pages in.  The Carter shock is longer in length (for more travel) and doesn't quite fit the front end geometry.  Note the "L"-shaped brackets I made to move the lower mount.  Click the picture for a detail.



A popular choice for the rear are Yamaha Blaster shocks.  Good ones are quite cheap on eBay.  They are too long to fit between the stock mounts without raising the kart too high in the rear.  Another set of brackets cut from 1/8" steel plate is an easy answer.  Click the pic for a detail.  If you can weld and can accept a more permanent modification, the upper mounts can be cut off and re-welded upside down.


The only damage my kart has suffered to date was caused when my daughter bounced into a tree.  The tire hit the tree squarely and ripped the A-arm pivot bolts from the center section.  This was repaired with 1/4" steel plate.  No worries!


Big tires put added stress on the axle.  Many owners have experienced axle breakage even using stock tires.  Several have found relief by grafting a length of .982" ID steel tubing onto the hub.  I went a step farther and added a 1.25" split locking collar to further tighten the fit.


Adding big tires sacrifices torque.  To regain the torque you must regear.  The left picture shows the smaller stock 31 tooth gear on a Twister Hammerhead 150 rear sprocket which has 39 teeth.  I used a 36T sprocket from Tractor Supply Company (TSC).  It needed to be drilled to fit but is the right ratio for my 22" tires.


The seat belt needed a little work to make it more user-friendly.  I removed the annoying spring-loaded retractor that is supposed to take up some of the slack.  I also cut off several inches of excess belt.  I slid the seat all the way forward, puffed out my belly, added another 12" and cut off the rest.

The buckle always managed to slide all the way down under the seat so I sewed a button on to prevent this.  It's the little things, sometimes...


A simple parking brake to keep the kart from rolling away on a slope.


A rearview mirror comes in handy when the cops are on your tail!


Click the pictures below to go to project articles I've done


A keyswitch can keep your kid from getting hurt, or your kart from disappearing when you are away from it on the trails.


I spotted a red Rubbermaid tub at Home Depot and thought it would make a perfect set of fenders!


I cut up another Rubbermaid tub to make fenders for the front wheels:

The fender struts are bent from hardware-store 3/8" steel rod. Length depends on your tire size and how much clearance you want around the tire. I started with 21" and started the bend at 5" from the end. That 5" is what the fender mounts to, by using rubber-coated 3/8" wire clamps. The front strut is easily mounted in 3rd gen spindles by passing the rod thru the existing drainage holes. A stop collar with a rubber grommet under it sets the strut height. I threaded the end where it passes out the lower hole & tightened a nut to it til the grommet squashed a little. This was to keep it from rattling but you could just as easily fasten the lower end with another stop collar if you don't want to cut threads.
The rear strut is cut & bent the same way but is mounted with 2 of those rubber-covered 3/8 wire clamps. Holes to mount the clamps to the spindle edge were drilled & tapped. If you mount the wire clamps on the inside face of the triangular riser brace the rod should clear the tire by about 1/2". Even more with stock tires. Mark & cut the rear strut to length with the end resting on the bottom weld on the spindle. Just to insure it won't slip down from vibration.

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Enlarged & Reinforced Spindles Adding a Winch & Tach.    
As my parting shot, click the pic to start my October video clip.
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