What the SIT tone is all about...


Tired of dealing with tele-marketers?
Use this sound wave to disable telephone marketing computers---->  sit.wav

What to do with it?
Download it and play the sound file into your answering machine, before you record your outgoing message. That way, when someone calls, they'll hear the sound file, before the message.

What does it do?
The american telephone system, the entire network, is computer driven. All the computers that make and break telephone connections talk to each other via special tones. This SIT tone is the audible code that tells a calling computer that it just connected to an invalid number and that it should disconnect. What it tells the tele-marketers computer is that they should take the number they just dialed OFF their calling list. After all, they don't want to waste any money making calls to bad phone numbers. So... their computer calls you, hears the SIT tone and disconnects and dutifully takes your phone number OFF of it's list.

Is it legal?
You bet! In fact, if you don't like to do this for yourself, you can go to Radio Shack and buy a little black box that does the same exact thing for $50.00!!!

You decide.