Just my list of must-have CDs for any fan of yummy, hooky, harmony-laden powerful pop music. Got recommendations of your own or feedback? Feel free to contact me here. I am always looking for new pop gods!!

Jellyfish Spilt Milk
The ultimate pop album -- the one by which all others are measured!!
Jellyfish Bellybutton
The second greatest pop album ever!
Josh Fix Free at Last
Do me a favor. Try this little test... listen to "Don't Call me in the Morning " and look at yourself in the mirror. If you don't see a wide silly grin on your face then you don't have a single pop bone in your entire body!!

The Nines Grand Jukles Field
Steve Eggers is the quintessential McCartney-esque pop god! So, if you haven't heard them yet... Go ... Listen ... NOW!!

Mike Viola Lurch
First let me say, "Nobody sings like Mike Viola!!" In my opinion, there is no better pop voice out there...period. And the fella can write too! From super catchy head bobbers, to heart wrenching ballads, Mike is a pop legend. It just never ceases to amaze me, that whenever I find a great song, Mike is somehow involved! Candy Butchers, LEO, Major Labes ... The Oneders [snicker]! And he continues to impress with every new song.

Kelly Jones SheBANG!
Wow! This CD was mentioned on many of the pop world's "Best of 2008" lists! And I agree!! I just dare you to keep from grinning as you listen to "There Goes My Baby" Think Sam Phillips, Susannah Hoff, The Pretenders...

L.E.O. Alpacas Orgling
Mike "the voice" Viola and Bleu channel ELO with a little help from Andy Sturmer?!? How can life get any better?! WOW! Must hear: "Goodbye Innocence", "Make Me" and "Don't Let it Go"

The Major Labels Aquavia
Mr. Bleu and Mr. Viola are at it again! Another stellar tribute to 60s/70's AM pop music. "Velveteen Queen" is truly sublime!

Checkpoint Charley Songs One Through Twelve
A one-off pop gem that hits it out of the Jelly-park! Too bad there was never a follow-up album from Checkpoint Charley.


McFly Wonderland
Ok, I'll admit it...this UK pretty boy band knocks my pop-socks off!! They have the same crunch and attitude found in a lot of manufactured big-money pop these days, but they also have much more... incredibly clever and catchy songs.

The Feeling Twelve Stops and Home
These Brits are churning out the sweetest pop music I've heard in a long time! Not all of the songs on this innaugural effort are keepers, but when they shine, they are brilliant! Check them out .. but be careful... THIS STUFF IS ADDICTING!!

The Feeling Join with Us
This band's sophomore release is even better than the first. Every song is a stunner on this one!

David Grahame Emitt Road
Every song that David writes is a shining pop gem! This year he decided to hang up his guitar after 8 albums. I am SO sorry to hear this and hope he changes his mind. For fans of Emitt Rhodes (DUH!), Paul McCartney, Linus of Hollywood. All his albums are MUSTS for any pop fan. Get 'em while they last at notlame.com.
Tears for Fears Everybody Loves a Happy Ending
They're back with a pop vengeance!! And they have morphed that memorable 80's sound into something richer and more satisfying. Like trading in your Nestle bar for imported European chocolate. Hope this isn't a one-time thing guys!
Arthur Yoria I'll Be Here Awake
Arthur makes good on the unfulfilled promise that David Garza made with his first release. His music also has elements of Ben Kweller, Andy Stochansky, a bit of David Mead and Jeff Buckley (vox) thrown in. But at the same time, his tunes are fresh and uniquely Arthur Yoria!
The Argument Recess Serenade
All I can say is Wow! Chock full of immediately likeable, clever, well-written songs. Way to go guys!
Owsley The Hard Way
Though not as immediately loveable as the first album, this CD really grew on my quickly and has now become one of my favorites! Keep the hits coming Mr. O!
Hindurodeo Nalladaloobr
I discovered this group through Power Pop Radio on Live365.com. The song McLife is a standout, but the entire album is full of fun catchy, smart pop!
Starbelly Everyday and Then Some
The perfect pop band is right in my own backyard! Maryland's own Starbelly! This CD is a candy-coated, sugar-filled delight, that warms your tummy and brings you back for more! And they're nice guys too! AND they play Jellyfish covers in their live shows (and do them justice!!). Give 'em a listen!
Vinyl Kings A Little Trip
Unlike a lot of Beatles clone bands, these guys actually write great songs and then paint them with a Beatle-brush. This one truly is like a long-lost fab four release.
Wes Cunningham Pollyanna
I am always amazed when I hear someone like Wes, who can write a perfect song and then play and sing the HELL out of it. Favorites: "Only You Know" (for Jellyfish fans!), "Glory" (for Brian Wilson fans!), "I Love Eleanor" (for romantics EVERYWHERE!)
Andy Stochansky Five Star Motel
Andy sings straight to my heart and soul. This is an incredible collection of songs; from the toe-tapping joy of "Wonderful (It's Superman)" to the heartbreakingly beautiful "Mavis Said"
David Mead Luxury of Time
This is one of the best albums I have heard in years! David is a very talented songwriter, musician and singer. This CD has everything; from the gentle and gorgeous waltz, "She Louisa", to the upbeat catchy "World of a King".

Fountains of Wayne s/t
FUN guitar pop! One of my favorite pop albums to crank while cruisin'

Sun Sawed in 1/2 Fizzy Lift
My second favorite pop band of the 90's! This album is a joyride from beginning to end!

Sun Sawed in 1/2 Mind Flip
Almost as great as Fizzy Lift, these tunes are hard to forget and easy to love.

Sun Sawed in 1/2 Bewilderbeest
The final album from the Sun (BOO HOO). As great as the previous two, but with a bit more diversity -- Tim Rose has mixed in a Ukrainian influence - and it SO WORKS!!

Moxy Fruvous You Will Go to the Moon
Harmonies galore -- this Canadian folk-pop, a cappella group gives power pop a chance on this effort and succeeds mightily.

Linus of Hollywood Your Favorite Record
Aptly named, especially for fans of Beach Boys inspired pop. Man this guy can write catchy pop songs!!!!
Linus of Hollywood Let Yourself Be Happy
Again, aptly named. Imagine Paul McCartney meets the Beach Boys in harmonic happyland!! These songs are so immediately loveable -- definitely pop album of the year!
Sugarbomb Tastes Like Sugar
Their first indie release has elements of Jellyfish and Queen, but really deserves a place all its own in the world of powerful pop! My favorite of the two Sugarbomb releases.
Sugarbomb Bully
The major label release from the 'bomb!! More polished, but not as clean and immediately loveable as the independent release, Tastes Like Sugar. However both albums are to die for.
Skycycle Ones and Zeros
WOW! Another frustrating example of those amazing musical master-pop-bands that go completely unnoticed by the big recording companies and subsequently disappears into the "we can't afford to make any more records" abyss of wasted talent.
OkGo s/t
It has been a long time since I said "WOW" this many times when first listening to an album. This CD is almost as much fun as the cover artwork!! Check out the tunes on their web page.
The Tories Upside of Down
One poppin' great tune after another. "The End" is one of the most Jelly-like non-Jelly tunes ever! "Superconductor" is just a drop dead perfect pop song. "Unglued" is to-die-for gorgeous. I could go on and on!.
The Churchills You Are Here
Loaded with memorable tunes, this album also includes one of the top-ten most Jelly-like non-Jelly tunes, "Cars".
Jim Boggia Fidelity is the Enemy
Like Michael Penn with an extra pop kick. Not a bad song on the album.
Steve Ward Opening Night
Catchy tunes, beautiful harmonies -- this album is a great big sweet sticky lollipop for the ears.
Adventures of Jet Part 3: Coping with Insignificance
A rockin' good time a la Phantom Planet. Lots of heavy guitar/drums with catchy melodies/ harmonies.
Roger Klug Toxic and 15 Other Love Songs
Roger is a wonderful songwriter, and this album is an homage to love and love-of-pop.
Yazbek The Laughing Man
Nice, clean keyboard-pop with XTC influence. Great songwriting and harmonies. David recently wrote the score for the Broadway smash-hit, The Full Monty!!
Splitsville Repeater
Baltimore's own pop treasure, this pop rocks!

Willie Wisely Turbosherbet
Wonderful thick harmonies, great songwriting and lead vocals that make me melt.

Willie Wisely She
Willie's first pop album. Not quite as consistently wonderful as his second pop effort, Turbosherbert, but there are some absolute killer pop ditties on here, most notably "Go" and "Please Don't Talk About Me"

The Merrymakers No Sleep 'til Famous
Some of the catchiest Swede-pop ever - so sublime!

The Merrymakers Bubblegun
Andy Sturmer helped out on this one, and the result is a tremendously hooky pop gem!

KC Bowman Fresher Tin Villages
A thoroughly infectious pop treat loaded with super-clever lyrics, and lead vocals that remind me of James Taylor in a happy-pop mood! What a treasure this is!

Bleu Redhead
What a splendid pop debut! Full of clever songwriting and infectious hooks. And a little help from the elusive Andy Sturmer. Can't wait to hear more!

Jason Falkner Can You Still Feel
Beautiful chords and melodies, complex yet so enjoyable. One of those albums that sneaks up slowly and grabs you and holds on forever!

The Grays Ro Sham Bo
Jason Falkner and Jon Brion's first post-Jelly effort -- a must-have.

Mommyheads s/t
McCartney inspired pop with a 90's kick. Unfortunately, the Mommyheads are no more.
Doug Powell Curiouser
Doug calls this a DIY demo but it is light years beyond most big money full-production releases -- beautiful, catchy, singer-songwriter pop.
Phantom Planet ...is Missing
Head boppin' powerful pop -- and their so darned CUTE too!
Umajets Demolotion
Jellyfish alum Tim Smith proves he's got what it takes to make his own pop history.
Owsley s/t
WOW!! One of the best albums of 1999! Happy, hooky, poppy, crunchy, can't-get-it-out-of-your-head tunes galore!!!
Ice Cream Hands Memory Lane Traffic Jam
Australia's best -- very Jelly-like and melt-in-your-ears harmonies and lead vox
PFR The Late Great PFR
Tremendously creative and powerfully catchy christian pop. This is their greatest hits album and includes one of the best pop songs ever -- Goldie's Last Day. These guys broke up a few years ago --what a shame!
Superdrag Head Trip in Every Key
Pleasing pumped-up power pop.
Red Letter Day s/t
A perfect pop "demo" from the band the came and went all too quickly (darn it!).
Butterfly Jones Napalm Springs
Michael Gurley of Dada fame takes a turn at a more pop-inspired effort and what a joy it is! I love Dada, but this is a notch better! Hope to hear more from BJ!
Cherry Twister ...at Home with
Great straight-forward pop from the musical mind of Steve Ward!! Truly addictive from start to finish. Favorite songs: "Til I'm Blue", "I'm Gonna Be the Lonely Boy Tonight."
Zuckerbaby s/t
This one is hard to find, but it will rock your pop socks if you get hold of it. Love "Clouds", and "Shampoo"!!
Size 14 s/t
My pop-hero Linus of Hollywood's previous incarnation! Size 14 takes typical frat-boy punk-pop to whole new level. Check out "Let's Rob a Bank."
The Rembrandts Untitled
Before they were "Friends", the Rembrandts created two CD gems: the s/t first one and this wonderful second effort! Both are full of great tunes and creative two-part harmonies.
Switchfoot New Way to Be Human
This christian band puts a ton of power in their message as well as their pop. These tunes are all very immediate and very pleasant pop-thrills. I love these guys!!!
Switchfoot Learning to Breathe
The pop-gods of god-pop come through again! This album is a joy to behold!!
Michael Penn March
Always a fan of Michael's songs, I think that this early one is still my favorite! It consistently finds it way back to my CD player!
Toy Matinee s/t
The late, great Kevin Gilbert and musician/songwriter/producer extraordinaire, Patrick Leonard got together to create the perfect pop album. Amen! "Last Plane Out" is absolute heaven!
The Beatles Abbey Road
The masters!! Hard to pick one, all the Beatles albums are so consistently great -- but this has to be my favorite (at least for today)
ELO El dorado
A classic poperetta from one of the best bands ever.
ABBA The Visitors
Although known mostly for their dance music, the boys from ABBA wrote some of the best pop ballads ever! And, oh those voices and harmonies! Again, hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to . . .

Queen A Day at the Races
Another tough one, but Races wins by a nose!


Emitt Rhodes s/t
A long-time favorite -- it's hard to top this Paul McCartney inspired pop classic!

Paul McCartney & Wings Wingspan
Classics from post-Beatles Beatle. This is a great collection of some of the best songs and it's remastered!

Bee Gees Idea
My favorite of the early Bee Gees -- but I also love the 90's Bee Gees (check out One, High Civilization, and Size Isn't Everything)
Keith Ain't Gonna Lie
My earliest introduction to great pop came for this fella. "98.6" is a classic, but, for me, all his songs had that special something that made them stand out from the other great 60's pop idols.

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