Bernard DeVoto: A Brief Bibliography

An exhaustive listing of Bernard DeVoto's publications is found in "A Bibliography of the Writings of Bernard DeVoto," by Julius P. Barclay, with the collaboration of Elaine Helmer Parnie, published in Four Portraits and One Subject: Bernard DeVoto, by Catherine Drinker Bowen, Edith R. Mirrielees, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., and Wallace Stegner, Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1963. That volume lists 21 published and 3 unpublished books; 31 articles, prefaces, and miscellaneous contributions to books by others; 828 articles, reviews, and other contributions to periodicals; 49 miscellaneous lectures, speeches, addresses, and radio scripts; and 102 unpublished, unidentified, or fragmentary items, including poems, a stage play, and various articles and reviews.

DeVoto's major historical writings have remained in print almost continuously since their first publication.

Books (listed chronologically)

The Crooked Mile, novel, 1924.

The Chariot of Fire, novel, 1926.

The House of Sun-Goes-Down, novel, 1928.

Mark Twain's America, 1932.

We Accept With Pleasure, novel, 1934.

Forays and Rebuttals, essays and reviews, 1936; reprinted from Harper's, American Mercury, Harvard Graduates' Magazine, and other periodicals.

Troubled Star, novel, by John August, 1939; first published serially in Collier's, 1938.

Rain Before Seven, novel, by John August, 1940; serialized in Collier's, 1940.

Minority Report, essays and reviews, 1940; reprinted chiefly from Harper's and Saturday Review of Literature.

Mark Twain At Work, essays and lectures, 1942.

Advance Agent, novel, by John August, 1942; first published serially in Collier's, 1941.

The Year of Decision: 1846, 1943.

The Literary Fallacy, criticism, 1944; a revision and expansion of BDeV's Patten Foundation Lectures at Indiana University, 1943.

The Woman in the Picture, novel, by John August, 1944. Serialized in Collier's, 1944.

Across the Wide Missouri, "illustrated with paintings by Alfred Jacob Miller, Charles Bodmer and George Catlin, with an account of the discovery of the Miller collection by Mae Reed Porter," 1947. Reprinted in paperback editions without the paintings.

Mountain Time, novel, 1947.

The World of Fiction, criticism, 1950. Some chapters were previously published as articles in periodicals.

The Hour, 1951. Two chapters were originally published as Easy Chair essays in Harper's.

The Course of Empire, 1952.

The Easy Chair, essays, 1955. Most of these essays were first published as Easy Chair essays in Harper's; a few were longer articles.

Women and Children First, essays, 1956. Originally published in Woman's Day, all but two of the chapters were published under the pseudonym of "Cady Hewes".

Western Paradox, unfinished. This book was about two-thirds complete in second draft at the time of BDeV's death in 1955. It was published in this form, together with 11 of BDeV's previously published essays on conservation, by the Yale University Press in 2001, edited by Douglas Brinkley and Patricia Nelson Limerick, with a Preface by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., and an afterword by Mark DeVoto.